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Don’t forget to log out of work software

Many remote workers tend to stay logged into company applications (such as email and project management platforms) when they’ve finished their work for the day. However, staying logged in when you’re not actively working can lead to security risks. That’s because your anti-malware software alerts you when there may be cyber threats and you can […]

Smart meters can help you conserve energy

A combination of multiple digital devices can result in high levels of energy use, which has a negative impact on the environment and can also lead to high utility bills. Smart meters record metrics like voltage, power factors and energy consumption in near time and communicate these numbers to the user over Wi-Fi. This enables […]

Use night-shift for better sleep

Our digital screens project lots of blue light that our brains interpret as daytime, which is why it’s advisable not to use them an hour before we plan to go to sleep. Most laptops and smartphones have a “night shift” setting that automatically converts your screen’s color to warmer ones during specified hours so that […]

Why you should secure your smart home devices with internet security software

These days, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a device that’s connected to the web. The internet of things (IoT) is a global network of technologies that uses internet connections to transmit and receive data. It’s fundamentally changed the way we work and live. We employ this technology in all places, from the office […]

Invest in a surge protector to prevent damage from power outages

These are short spikes of greater voltage coming through electrical wires and into connected devices. They most commonly occur due to faulty wiring, lightning spikes or when electricity is restored after an outage. Modern electronics are very sensitive and can be damaged by surges to the point that they break entirely. You can avoid this […]

Manage your startup programs for a faster PC

Having many programs that open automatically when you turn on your desktop or laptop can slow down the startup process. Removing unnecessary ones helps to increase startup speed. In Windows, go to your settings and select “Apps” and then “Startup.” Just hit the toggle to turn off the ones you don’t need. For Mac users, […]