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Make sure your smart devices stay secure

We love our smart devices – thermostats that learn our habits, refrigerators that order groceries – but with all that convenience comes a little responsibility: security. Here’s the thing: smart tech relies on data, and that data needs protection. Imagine your smart devices are like chatty friends, constantly exchanging information to get things done. While […]

Wi-Fi woes? Blast through interference with 5G

Ever feel like your Wi-Fi is stuck in molasses? It might be getting bogged down by interference! See, your Wi-Fi signal shares the 2.4 GHz band with a bunch of other devices, like microwaves and Bluetooth speakers. All that traffic can slow things down and make your connection spotty. But there’s a solution! Many routers […]

Data Defenders: Spreading the Love

The key is to diversify where you store your data. Think of it like having multiple safes for your valuables! Here are a few options: Double the Protection is Twice as Nice Using a combination of local and cloud backups gives you the best of both worlds: Don’t wait for disaster to strike! Start backing […]

Don’t let your router be a security hole–update your firmware

Your internet router silently works in the background, but keeping its software up-to-date is crucial for online safety. Here’s why you should update your router’s firmware regularly: Updating Your Router Firmware: Easier Than You Think Updating your router might sound complicated, but it’s usually a simple process: Updating your router’s firmware takes just a few […]

Sharing your computer–keep files safe with user accounts

Letting your child use your computer can be fun, but it’s also important to protect your files. Here’s how separate user accounts can be your digital security blanket: But what if you don’t use separate accounts? Here are some extra security tips: A few minutes setting up separate accounts or adjusting security settings can save […]

Sharing your Mac – set up a safe guest account

Sharing your Mac with a friend or family member? Don’t worry, tech hero You can set up a Guest account to keep your personal space separate. Imagine your Mac as a tidy room. A Guest account is like giving someone a temporary pass to use the guest room, not your entire space. Here’s how to […]