Utilize a password manager to remember all your long passwords

The most secure way to store all of your unique passwords is by using a password manager. With just one master password, a computer can generate and retrieve passwords for every account that you have—protecting your online information, including credit card numbers and their three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV) codes, answers to security questions, and more.

Passwords are a pain. Not only do they need to be sufficiently complex to thwart a potential attacker’s brute-force guessing, they must also be memorable enough that you don’t end up having to request a reset each time you forget your login.

The most common DIY solution to this problem is to simply recycle the same password across sites. Even with a relatively strong password, this isn’t a good idea. If someone were to steal such a one-size-fits-all password, they have what amounts to a master key that opens all your accounts.