Top 3 reasons to backup your computer’s data and applications

Many PC and mobile users don’t regularly think about backing up their vital data and applications, as it’s often an automated process that occurs in the background. For instance, Apple’s iCloud can backup the contents of any modern iOS device when it’s connected to a power source, Wi-Fi network, and locked. However, it’s alarming to note that only a small fraction of computer users routinely back up their data. According to surveys by Backblaze, the percentage of respondents who backed up daily barely changed from 6% to 8%. Additionally, 23% back up yearly, while 25% never do – the highest among all responses. Despite these low numbers, regular and reliable backup is crucial. Here are three compelling reasons to invest in a backup solution:

1. Prevent Permanent Data Loss:
Valuable data like personal documents and photos can be lost forever without proper backup. Potential causes of such loss include hardware and system failures like a corrupted hard drive, human error such as accidental deletion of files, computer viruses that can encrypt or destroy vital data, and extreme incidents like fires or exploding batteries. The best way to protect against these threats is to regularly back up your data to a cloud or separate storage medium for secure redundancy.

2. Ease and Safety of Online Backup:
Many people avoid backing up their data, thinking it’s a complex and time-consuming task. However, most backup services operate automatically and store new versions of your files whenever changes are made. Online backup is generally safer than local backup due to the technologies employed. While an external hard drive storing your photos might fail, an online provider tends to have redundant facilities and strong encryption for data in transit and at rest. This ensures your files are safe from unauthorized access during transfer and storage. Online backup also adheres to the 3-2-1 backup rule: at least three copies, on two different storage media, with one copy off-site.

3. Necessity in a Multi-Device Era:
The era of relying solely on a single desktop PC is long gone. A Sandvine report revealed that the average North American household has 7 connected devices. With more devices, more crucial data is generated daily. All these photos, videos, and other files need to be backed up for easy access and sharing from anywhere. An excellent backup solution simplifies these tasks and provides the assurance that your documents are safe.

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