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How to keep your digital memories safe

Ever imagine losing all your precious photos, documents, and memories stored digitally? That’s why backing up your data is crucial, like having a digital safety net to catch precious memories in case of mishaps. Think of it like storing copies of your favorite photos, documents, and files in a safe place, just like you wouldn’t […]

Guard against ransomware – back up your data

Imagine a digital monster holding your precious files hostage, demanding a ransom. That’s ransomware, and it’s nasty. But don’t despair! You don’t have to cave in. Here’s your secret weapon: regular backups! Think of it like this: ransomware locks your files, but a backup is like a hidden copy, safe and sound. So, when the […]

Regularly backup critical data

Consider implementing a data backup strategy to help safeguard against cyberattacks. Data backups play a fundamental role in both cyberattack prevention and recovery efforts as they provide a reliable means of restoring lost or corrupted data, minimizing downtime and facilitating operational continuity — among other organizational benefits. Companies benefit from storing backups in geographically diverse […]

Beware of digital disasters: backup your data regularly

Imagine this: your computer sputters, coughs, and then… dies. Or worse, a nasty ransomware attack encrypts your precious files, demanding a hefty ransom you don’t want to pay. Panic sets in, right? But wait! Take a deep breath, digital warriors, because there’s a secret weapon against data disasters: backups. Think of backups as your digital […]

Physically backup your data

Beyond backing up your data on a secure cloud network, consider also fortifying your information through physical storage. Physical backups provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that your data is safeguarded even in the event of unexpected digital mishaps or cyberattacks. Keep these physical storage devices in a safe and secure location — ideally away […]

Top 3 reasons to backup your computer’s data and applications

Many PC and mobile users don’t regularly think about backing up their vital data and applications, as it’s often an automated process that occurs in the background. For instance, Apple’s iCloud can backup the contents of any modern iOS device when it’s connected to a power source, Wi-Fi network, and locked. However, it’s alarming to […]