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Use Windows Hello on your PC

If you have a Windows-based PC, consider enabling Windows Hello if it’s available. Windows Hello allows you to log in using a biometric credential such as a fingerprint or face/iris scan. It’s much more convenient and secure that having to type a password each time.

Upgrade from Windows 7

Mainstream support for Windows 7 is ending in 2020. That means continuing to run it will come with major security liabilities. If it’s on your main PC, consider upgrading to Windows 10. Replacing Windows 7 with a free Linux-based operating system, like Debian or Ubuntu, is another option.

Use Dynamic Lock with Windows 10

Windows 10 provide many alternatives to signing in with a password. One that might be worth exploring is called Dynamic Lock, which involves pairing a phone with a PC via Bluetooth and allowing the computer to remain unlocked as long as the phone is in range.

Use the right local data backup solution for your PC or Mac

Backing up your files is essential not only for preserving important photos and documents, but also for having recourse if your computer is ever attacked. On Windows 8 and 10, you can use File History to back up to an external hard drive over USB. In Windows 7, Windows Backup does mostly the same thing. […]

Install a Linux partition on an aging PC

If you have an older PC you’re still using, consider installing a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu alongside the existing Microsoft Windows installation. While not inherently more secure, Linux-based operating systems are less frequently targeted by malware. Plus their hardware requirements are very minimal, meaning they’ll run well even on aging machines.

Create a password reset key on Microsoft Windows

If you forget the password to your local account on your PC, all might seem lost, since there’s no one to email for a reset link. However, you can hedge against this possibility by creating a password reset disk beforehand. “Disk” is a misnomer; all you’ll need is a USB stick or SD Card. Simply […]