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Share interesting things you find on the internet

Did you know you can post things on the internet to Twitter, Facebook, email or almost anything else with just a couple of clicks? Before this feature was implemented, you would have to painstakingly copy the URL, paste it to your page, and format the post manually. But many articles and other pages on the […]

Protect yourself from trolls by limiting who can reply to your tweets

If you use Twitter and you’re a frequent victim of internet trolling, change the settings so only certain people can reply to your tweets. Where it says “Everyone can reply,” which is the default setting, you can make it so only people you follow or mention can reply.

Be cautious about solicitations to meet in person for any reason

Meeting someone you’ve met online in-person for the first time can be exciting for social reasons and practical if you’re checking out merchandise before you buy it. However, sometimes people on the internet aren’t who they say they are — and they might not actually have the PlayStation 5 you’re after. If you’re meeting an […]

Don’t believe (or share) every meme you see

Memes are another common source of misinformation on social media and the internet. Because people have a natural inclination to share something if it makes them laugh, bad actors can create memes that suggest things that aren’t true in order to spread misinformation. Memes are extremely easy to produce (there are even meme generators that […]

Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know

Bad actors looking for personal information might be trying to access your friends-only posts for nefarious purposes. Only accept friend requests from people you know.

Be careful what you post publicly on social media — it’s there forever

You might think something you post on social media will go over well now, but make sure you ask yourself whether you’d want someone seeing it five years later. If you insist on posting something, you may want to at least restrict who can see it. If a post is just meant for friends or […]