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Avoid linking your social media accounts

Dating apps in particular typically let you link your social media accounts with their service. This has both the advantages and disadvantages of letting strangers know more about you, which can leave you open to identity theft. Avoid linking accounts altogether. This suggestion not comprehensive, but they’re just the start of safe, reliable social media […]

Use unique photos for different sites.

If you’re using one photo for a social media account and another for a dating app, you run the risk of being the victim of a reverse image search, which would allow a stranger to find you on both accounts — or any others the photo exists on. It’s easy to see why you should […]

Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know

Bad actors looking for personal information might be trying to access your friends-only posts for nefarious purposes. Only accept friend requests from people you know.

Be careful what you post publicly on social media — it’s there forever

You might think something you post on social media will go over well now, but make sure you ask yourself whether you’d want someone seeing it five years later. If you insist on posting something, you may want to at least restrict who can see it. If a post is just meant for friends or […]

Delete old social media accounts you’re don’t use

Social media is a blessing and a curse. It assists you in stay on touch with others but can also leak a lot of data and increase your vulnerability to breaches. Accordingly, remove any old accounts you don’t need to reduce risk. Also try not to post information on social networks that might make you […]

Mute someone on Twitter if you don’t want to see their posts, but you do want them to see yours

Many people are probably familiar with the Block function on Twitter and other social media services, which will prevent another user from seeing or commenting on anything you post. But what if you just don’t want to see the other person’s posts and don’t mind them seeing or commenting on yours? This is what the […]