Oversharing – think before you post on social media

We all love sharing our lives on social media – that vacation pic, that hilarious cat video, that delicious dinner you cooked. But hold on a sec! Everything you post online, well, it kinda stays online forever. And while sharing is fun, it’s important to be mindful of what you put out there.

Here’s the deal: Once you hit “post,” that information becomes part of your digital footprint, and it’s not always easy to control who sees it. So, how can you share safely and smartly?

Privacy Power Up:

  • Be Profile Picture Savvy: Your profile picture is kind of your online face. Avoid using anything that reveals too much personal information, like your home address in the background.
  • Lock Down Your Profile: Many social media platforms let you control who sees your posts. Take advantage of privacy settings to make sure only approved friends or followers can see your information.
  • Think Before You Tag: Tagging your friends in photos or posts is fun, but make sure they’re okay with it first. Everyone has the right to control their online presence.

Think Twice Before You Type (or Click):

  • TMI (Too Much Information): Social media isn’t the place to overshare personal details like your birthday, address, or phone number. This kind of information can be used by scammers or identity thieves.
  • Vacation Vibes…Later: Planning a trip? Maybe wait to post those amazing beach photos until you’re back home. Letting everyone know your house is empty can be a security risk.
  • Raging After Work? Venting about your boss or a bad day at work might feel good in the moment, but it could come back to bite you later. Social media posts can be seen by employers or colleagues.

Once you post something online, it’s almost impossible to completely erase it. So, take a deep breath, think about who might see your post, and consider if it’s something you’d be comfortable sharing with everyone.