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Delete accounts you haven’t used in six months or longer

If you do not regularly use an account, it shouldn’t exist. If an account that you don’t check regularly gets hacked, you may not even notice until the hacker causes significant damage. You may think that your old social media accounts don’t contain much sensitive information, but you’d be surprised. They might contain your email, […]

Don’t upload high-resolution photos to social media

If you want to be especially discreet about your location, you might not want to upload high-resolution photos to your social media accounts. Photos with high resolution can include information like street signs, addresses or names of businesses. Using these pieces of information, a person could quite easily decipher your exact location.

Tips for young professionals: Maintaining a strong online reputation

Many recruiters now consider personal data posted online when evaluating a candidate for a job. In fact, according to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers will inspect an applicant’s social media profiles before hiring them.  As information you share on the internet becomes increasingly accessible to others, what steps are you taking to manage your online brand? […]

Restrict certain users on Instagram

Instagram allows you to restrict a user, which is effectively a shadow-ban. Once restricted, their comments can’t be seen by anyone else. The restricted user gets no indication that they’ve been limited, making “restrict” often a better option than “block,” since the latter results in them noticing they can’t see your feed.

Use password security questions properly

For accounts that ask you to set up one or more password reset questions, use private information about yourself that only you would know. Answers that can be found on your social media or facts everyone knows about you can make it easier for someone to guess your password.

Report harassment on Facebook

Not everybody is a good citizen on social media. If you’ve been harassed on Facebook, you have options. You can always block or unfriend users, and if they violate the Community Standards, you should report them, too. Navigate to the objectionable content and select the link that reads “Find Support or Report.”