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Deactivate voice commands for smart TVs if you don’t use them

Some smart TVs can be controlled with simple voice commands. Voice makes it easier to change channels or open apps, while creating some new privacy risks. The TV itself might be constantly listening to your conversations to collect audio data and then sending this information to a server over an unencrypted connection. Turn off this […]

Turn off automatic content recognition on smart TVs

Many smart TVs include automatic content recognition (ACR), which analyzes everything you watch on the device – whether it’s streamed over the internet, cable, or via broadcast television – and uploads this information to a server for use in a recommendations engine. To protect your privacy, turn off this setting; its name varies by model, […]

How to childproof your smart home

In the last few years, the smart home has transitioned from an interesting concept into a tangible reality. Devices such as voice-controlled speakers, networked thermostats, Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators, automated floor cleaners and smart TVs are now rapidly changing the way many houses and apartments look, feel and sound. According to MarketsandMarkets, the global market for smart homes should expand […]

Configure a child lock on your smart TV

Smart TVs have built-in internet connectivity that allows you to stream video and purchase content like movies, TV shows and songs. Like an Echo, this functionality can be unknowingly misused by kids. Establishing a child lock – basically just a PIN that needs to be entered to unlock the device or make any purchases – […]

Turn off voice purchases on your Amazon Echo

Smart home devices have begun to take off with the popularity of the Amazon Echo in particular. One of the defining features of the Echo is the ability to order specific items from Amazon Prime with just a voice command. However, you might want to turn off it to make sure your child doesn’t erroneously […]