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Regularly update and patch systems: seal the cracks in your digital armor

Imagine your network as a castle, but with tiny cracks in the walls. Hackers love those cracks – they’re their way in to steal data and wreak havoc. But fear not, brave defenders! The solution is simple: patching and updates! Why patch? It’s like fixing your armor! Software makers constantly discover and fix security holes […]

Enable automatic software updates

Ensure that your devices and applications are configured to receive automatic, periodic updates. These updates are necessary, as they deliver critical security patches, addressing known vulnerabilities and strengthening your systems against evolving threats. Automating the update process is a healthy measure: It reduces the window of exposure to potential exploits, strengthening your defense against a […]

Set important apps and updates to install automatically to stay safe

Software updates are essential for keeping your devices and networks secure. They fix bugs and patch security vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. Most apps on Android and iOS are set to update automatically by default. You can also schedule big installations, like OS updates, in advance. This is better and safer than having to apply […]

Upgrade devices that are incompatible with modern operating systems.

Newer operating systems tend to be more secure than older ones, particularly when connected to IP networks like the internet. Consider replacing any devices unable to support the latest versions of their respective operating systems (e.g., a PC incapable of installing Windows 11) with up-to-date alternatives.

Pay attention to what you’re agreeing to during app installations

It’s common for these free apps to try and sneak in extra software you don’t want during the installation process. For example, a popular cleaning app will attempt to install a partnered antivirus program if you click “I agree” during one of the steps. This can be especially frustrating if you already have an antivirus […]

Is your device too out of date to support the latest updates?

If you’re using something like Windows 11 and can’t install the newest version, you should probably think about replacing it. Modern operating systems are more secure than older ones, especially when connected to the internet, so it’s best to stay up-to-date. Get yourself a new device if yours can’t keep up. The internet is full […]