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Upgrade devices that are incompatible with modern operating systems.

Newer operating systems tend to be more secure than older ones, particularly when connected to IP networks like the internet. Consider replacing any devices unable to support the latest versions of their respective operating systems (e.g., a PC incapable of installing Windows 11) with up-to-date alternatives.

Pay attention to what you’re agreeing to during app installations

It’s common for these free apps to try and sneak in extra software you don’t want during the installation process. For example, a popular cleaning app will attempt to install a partnered antivirus program if you click “I agree” during one of the steps. This can be especially frustrating if you already have an antivirus […]

Is your device too out of date to support the latest updates?

If you’re using something like Windows 11 and can’t install the newest version, you should probably think about replacing it. Modern operating systems are more secure than older ones, especially when connected to the internet, so it’s best to stay up-to-date. Get yourself a new device if yours can’t keep up. The internet is full […]

If a web page isn’t working properly, ensure your browser is updated

Browsers get updates all the time for a variety of reasons, from improving functionality to tightening security. Sometimes, a web page will fail to load or won’t function like it should if your software is outdated. If your browser doesn’t automatically update, you may need to check for updates periodically. To update a browser, you […]

Keep all your important drivers updated

Most people know the importance of keeping their OS updated, but drivers are seldom automatically updated. Some examples of drivers you should keep updated are motherboard chipsets, video cards, sound cards, and networking equipment such as Wi-Fi connectors. You can do this manually by searching out new drivers online or investing in software that searches […]

Use the newest versions of Microsoft Office and other popular apps

Microsoft Office and productivity software in general are both magnets for cyberattacks, since they’re so common, meaning any successful attempt will have huge ripple effects. If possible, you should use the newest versions of these applications, as they’re much more secure than their predecessors and are patched against many known vulnerabilities.