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Use the newest versions of Microsoft Office and other popular apps

Microsoft Office and productivity software in general are both magnets for cyberattacks, since they’re so common, meaning any successful attempt will have huge ripple effects. If possible, you should use the newest versions of these applications, as they’re much more secure than their predecessors and are patched against many known vulnerabilities.

Learn to use the restore feature on your computer

Many OSes have a “restore” feature enabling you to reverse its configuration to a previous state. This can be useful if anything goes wrong, such as a faulty OS or driver update. To find it in Windows 10, click the Recovery tab in Settings. Here, you’ll find options such as resetting your PC, advanced startup […]

Keep your OS updated – including manual updates

Windows and macOS devices have automatic updates turned on by default, but there are usually updates you can perform manually, too. While optional, these updates can be very useful in maximizing the security of your devices and improving the performance of your OS, especially if you’ve been experiencing any problems that the automatic variety hasn’t […]

Get a new phone, laptop or tablet if it’s no longer receiving security updates

Devices such as these only receive security updates for a certain period of time, generally three to five years. Take note of whether your device is still receiving security updates (it may automatically inform you when time expires), and don’t use it beyond its intended lifespan.

Don’t forget to update your router’s firmware

Your router is responsible for much of the security of your network. Just like any other type of security, it needs to be updated to prevent cybercriminals from finding exploits that can grant access to your network and the data within. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is through your browser. Enter the IP […]

Check your web browser software is up to date

Install software updates so that attackers cannot take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Many browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer automatic updates. If this option is available, you should permit it. Your web browser is your principal connection to the Internet, and multiple applications may rely on your browser, or parts […]