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Update ASAP – how to keep your software squeaky clean

Ever heard of a software update? It’s like a digital shield for your computer, phone, or any device you use online. These updates fix security holes that hackers love to exploit. The sooner you install them, the safer you are! So, how do you know when an update is available? Here’s the lowdown: Update Detectives: […]

Software sunset: when your programs reach end-of-life

Imagine your favorite pair of jeans. You’ve loved them for years, but eventually, they get worn out and ripped. Software can be like that too. Sometimes, companies decide to stop supporting a program, which means no more updates or security patches. This software is then considered “end-of-life” (EOL). Why should you care? Here’s the deal: […]

Software patches: tiny updates, big security boosts

Ever heard of a “software patch”? It might sound fancy, but it’s actually a pretty simple concept. Patches are like little updates for your computer programs and operating system (OS) that fix security holes and keep your tech healthy. Think of it like this: imagine your favorite jacket has a small tear. A patch would […]

Ransomware – the digital kidnapper – how to fight back

Imagine your computer files are precious photos, documents, and memories. Now imagine someone locks them away, demanding a ransom to get them back. That’s ransomware, a nasty piece of malware that can hold your digital life hostage. Here’s how this digital kidnapper works: The good news? You can fight back By being proactive and taking […]

Time for an upgrade – leap to Windows 11

Is your trusty Windows 10 feeling a little outdated? Don’t worry, upgrading to the latest operating system, Windows 11, can be a smooth and rewarding journey. Imagine your computer as a trusty car. Upgrading is like giving it a fresh engine, with new features and improved performance to fuel your digital adventures. Here’s how to […]

Disable unused features for extra security

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the pre-installed features on your computer? You’re not alone Many devices come loaded with options you might never use. But here’s the secret: unused features can be security risks. Think of it like leaving your house with all the doors and windows unlocked – not ideal disabling features you don’t […]