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Overwrite deleted files to fully destroy your data

The idea that deleting files doesn’t truly delete the data in them is, for the most part, true. In order to truly secure your data, you’ll need to perform an overwrite on deleted files so information cannot be recovered by bad actors. This is especially important if you’re planning to sell or dispose of an […]

Activate administrator privileges to protect your family

If you have a family or shared computer, make sure your loved ones are safe by adding administrator controls to restrict downloads and installations. Many modern operating systems allow you to require approval from an administrator (i.e., primary user) before executing scripts, device drivers and system firmware. To set up an account as an administrator […]

Construct very strong passwords

Use the strongest, longest password or passphrase permitted. Don’t use passwords that attackers can simply guess, like your birthday or your child’s name. Attackers can use software to conduct dictionary attacks, which try common words that may be used as passwords. They also conduct brute force attacks, which are random password attempts that run until […]

Modify unnecessary default features on new PCs

Remove unnecessary software, modify or delete unnecessary default features that will reduce attackers’ opportunities. Review the features that are enabled by default on your computer, and disable or customize those you don’t need or don’t plan on using. As with removing unnecessary software, be sure to research features before modifying or disabling them.

Install and use antivirus software

Installing an antivirus software program and keeping it up-to-date is a critical step in protecting your computer. Many types of antivirus software can detect the presence of malware by searching for patterns in your computer’s files or memory. Antivirus software uses signatures provided by software vendors to identify malware. Vendors frequently create new signatures to […]

Your computer security is important

Computers are an indispensable part of our daily lives. It’s imperative to correctly configure your home computer before linking it to the internet to keep it, and your personal information protected. Because computers play such important roles in our lives, and because we enter and view so much personally identifiable information (PII) on them, it’s […]