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Stay up-to-date on web browser security settings

For the greatest level of security, you should set your web browser security as high as possible. This may prevent some web pages from loading or functioning correctly. To overcome this, it is recommended to maintain the highest security setting and only enable features when necessary. If you decide that a website is trustworthy, you […]

Don’t believe news sources you don’t recognize

There are plenty of instances when sensational but false news spreads as if it’s real, even if it isn’t. If you’re ever suspicious of information, you have a few ways to check. You can look at a well-known and reputable fact-check site such as If you can’t find it there, there’s a simple rule […]

Beware of apps not from the official platforms on social media

When choosing which third-party applications to enable, it’s important to be cautious. Stay away from applications that seem suspicious and take the time to modify your settings to ensure that they are only able to access the bare minimum of information required. Doing so can help protect your data from potential malicious activity.

Don’t throw out old computers without removing or destroying the hard drive first

Those who frequent dumpster sites can find metaphorical gold if someone throws out an old computer, even if it’s no longer functioning. This is because the hard drive is often intact, with all your personal data on it. Erasing the data ahead of time is generally insufficient, as all data can easily be recovered with […]

How to stay safe online when working from home

Hybrid workplaces have never been more in demand than they are today. 9 out of 10 organizations either already have or are planning to create this type of work model for their employees, according to a McKinsey survey of 100 executives spanning a range of locations and trades. Employees and business owners want it, but […]

Try making your passwords longer than six or eight characters

Creating secure passwords is a must if you want to protect your accounts from cybercriminals. When creating passwords, it is essential to find a balance between complexity and memorability. A strong password should contain an abbreviated phrase interspersed with a number and a special character, if possible. This combination will provide you with a long […]