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Why you need strong passwords

You probably use a number of personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords every day: from getting money from the ATM or using your debit card in a store, to logging in to your email or into an online retailer. Keeping track of all of the number, letter, and word combinations may be frustrating at times, but […]

Encrypt your main hard drive

PCs and Macs support full-disk encryption, which is a useful way to protect your data if your device is ever lost or stolen. On a Mac, enabling it is as simple as activating FileVault. On Windows, use Device Encryption or the more advanced BitLocker (which can also encrypt devices like removable USB drives). Phones and […]

Try using emoticons in your passwords

How do you create a password that’s both strong and memorable? A password generator helps, but you can also use tricks to make the process easier, such as using emoticons. Inserting a “:)” or “:P” is a clever way to add character variety and strength to a password while keeping it memorable.

Send a password via AirDrop

Apple iOS and macOS each contain a built-in password manager, complete with a password generator. The passwords it creates are complicated, which is good for your account security. If you ever need to share one of them, you can do so via the Settings app, which provides an AirDrop option for securely sending a login […]

Log out of your Facebook account on devices you’re not using

Facebook provides a way for you to see when and where you logged into the site/app. If you are still logged in from a browser or device you haven’t used in days or weeks, it’s prudent to log out so that someone else doesn’t gain access to your account.

Avoid credit card skimmers

These skimmers were once a major issue at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals. They can still be risky if you pay by swiping. To stay safe, pay with a chip or tap. At ATMs, consider using an NFC-enabled phone to tap to access your account instead of your physical card. That way, there’s no card number […]