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Home network defense – lock your router

Ever wonder how your computer connects to the vast reaches of the internet? It’s all thanks to your router – that box of blinking lights that acts like your own personal internet translator. But here’s the thing: an unsecured router is like leaving your front door wide open! Let’s talk about how to lock down […]

Don’t let your router be a security hole–update your firmware

Your internet router silently works in the background, but keeping its software up-to-date is crucial for online safety. Here’s why you should update your router’s firmware regularly: Updating Your Router Firmware: Easier Than You Think Updating your router might sound complicated, but it’s usually a simple process: Updating your router’s firmware takes just a few […]

Your Wi-Fi’s not so secret weapon: secure your router

Connecting your computer to the internet opens doors… millions of them, in fact It links you to countless devices, some not so friendly. But fear not, tech adventurer You have a powerful shield – your router. Think of your router as your Wi-Fi castle gate. It controls who and what enters your digital home. But […]

Create a guest network to keep your Wi-Fi safe

Many Wi-Fi routers give the Wi-Fi’s owner the option to create a guest network for people who visit. These allow guests to access and use the internet, but they can’t access other connected resources like shared folders or connected devices such as printers. To set one up, access your router’s management software (usually accessible through […]

Put your router somewhere away from interference

Where you place a wireless router can make all the difference in its range. While you probably already realize walls, floors and ceilings can hinder a Wi-Fi broadcast, you should pay special attention to microwaves, fireplaces and electronic devices such as refrigerators or air conditioners. These can severely distort the signal.

Don’t forget to update your router’s firmware

Your router is responsible for much of the security of your network. Just like any other type of security, it needs to be updated to prevent cybercriminals from finding exploits that can grant access to your network and the data within. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is through your browser. Enter the IP […]