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Try Paranoid for your smart speakers

If you don’t want your smart speaker hearing your conversations, but you don’t want the hassle of consistently muting and unmuting it or using a voice remote, you can try Paranoid. Paranoid is a device that sits on the mute button of the smart speaker and only turns it off when it hears the wake […]

Check privacy policies and uncheck boxes

Check the privacy policy before you submit your email address to a website. See if it allows the company to sell your email to others. You might decide not to submit your email address to websites that won’t protect it. When submitting your email address to a website, look for pre-checked boxes that sign you […]

What is “Do Not Track”?

Do Not Track is a setting in most internet browsers that allows you to express your preference not to be tracked across the web. Turning on Do Not Track through your web browser sends a signal to every website you visit that you don’t want to be tracked from site to site. Companies then know […]

Make your Instagram account private

Your Instagram likely contains personal photos and information about your location. Making your account private will hide everything but your profile picture and a brief description from anyone whom you do not accept as a follower. It even hides the posts that you “like.” To make your account private: Select Settings > Privacy > Account […]

Disable geotagging

If you take a picture with your smartphone and post it to the internet, it is likely that it contains a geotag, which is location-disclosing metadata. Keep your exact whereabouts private by disabling automatic geotagging on your device. To do this on an iOS device: Go to Settings. Go to Privacy. Tap Location Services. Tap […]

Do a Facebook sweep for personal information

Cybercriminals often scour social media profiles for private information that can be used to guess passwords or otherwise compromise your identity. Periodically check your Facebook privacy settings and look for posts that could provide unwanted information.