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Don’t install something you didn’t want

Ads and pop-ups regularly ask that you install a new program or update. They might make their case by asserting a everyday application is outdated. Phishing emails sometimes take similar approaches to get you to download an attachment. Don’t fall for them; avoid installing anything unless you intended to do so beforehand.

Cybersecurity tips for older adults

Cybercriminals often target older adults who might be less tech-savvy than younger generations. There are many different ways hackers can steal your private information, so it’s important to follow certain safety practices when using the internet and logging in and out of devices. Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself from cybercriminal […]

Know the signs of a malware infected device

If your browser is constantly freezing, you’re being redirected to suspicious websites or unfamiliar icons are showing up on your desktop, then you’re probably dealing with malware and will need a solution. Other signs of an infection include slow internet service, numerous pop-up ads and unexpected reboots.

Avoid antivirus scams

Cybercriminals will create pop-up ads promoting fake antivirus solutions. In reality, the ads are the viruses themselves. And if you click them, your computer may be infected. These ads will say things like, “Warning! Your computer is infected” and “Click here to get rid of the virus!” Definitely don’t click anything in the ad. Instead, […]

Recognize common ad-based scams

Pop-up ads aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, but they can still cause trouble. Many of them contain common scams, including telling you that your system is infected with a virus, that Adobe Flash Player is out-of-date or that you need to call a particular number. These ads should be closed immediately.

Minimize your risk from intrusive ads

Advertisements provide crucial revenue for many sites. Some ads, though, are intrusive and can hijack your browsing experience. An ad blocker can neutralize the latter. However, you might want to whitelist legitimate sites with ads so that they can continue to make money on their display ads.