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Noisy notifications? Take control of your browser buzz

Ever been bombarded with browser notifications while browsing the web? Annoying pop-ups interrupting your scroll session, tempting you with “exclusive deals” or pushing irrelevant news alerts? We’ve all been there, trapped in a digital echo chamber of unwanted buzz. But fear not, you have the power to silence the noise and reclaim your browsing peace. […]

Spot and avoid common ad-based scams

While pop-up ads aren’t as common as they once were, they can still pose a threat to your device and security. These ads often contain deceptive messages, such as warnings about fake virus infections, outdated software, or suspicious phone numbers. If you encounter such ads, don’t panic! Simply close them immediately and avoid interacting with […]

Avoid mobile redirect using privacy-focused browser

To avoid intrusive mobile ads that forcefully redirect you to other pages falsely claiming you’ve won a prize, consider using a browser extension or a privacy-oriented browser. These ads can appear while you’re simply browsing a website. Reliable solutions include adding an extension to browsers like Safari on iOS or utilizing privacy-focused, content-filtering browsers such […]

Avoid downloading anything you didn’t explicitly seek out

When you’re browsing the web, you might be tempted by a pop-up ad to install some kind of program, usually a security one. But to be on the safe side, it’s best to avoid downloading any programs you weren’t actually looking for. This will help keep you away from any suspicious software that, even if […]

If a web page fails to function, try disabling your pop-up blocker

Pop-up blockers are generally safe to use and can prevent you from seeing advertisements — but they can also prevent some pages from loading properly, especially if the site is trying to load a pop-up that you actually want to see. This is often the case if you click a link and nothing happens, though […]

Beware of hijacking ads on mobile devices

Ads designed for mobile devices can be assertive and disrupting. For example, you might be loading a page in a browser only to see a message telling you you’ve won a prize and then sending you to a different page. Never click on anything these ads show you. To avoid them entirely, it might be […]