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The top cybersecurity threats facing small businesses in 2023

When it comes to cybersecurity, small businesses face an extremely threatening online landscape. Attacks such as ransomware are strongly on the rise, according to a report by SonicWall. Successful ones can cost a business massive amounts of money — about $1,200 per employee, per Osterman Research. If you think cybercriminals only go after large enterprises, […]

What’s a phishing attack?

Phishing is a type of social engineering tactic intended to steal personal information from unsuspecting people. It generally occurs in the form of emails or websites appearing to come from reputable companies or organizations, such as credit card companies or charities. The messages often indicate that there is a problem and will request for individuals […]

How to stay safe online when working from home

Hybrid workplaces have never been more in demand than they are today. 9 out of 10 organizations either already have or are planning to create this type of work model for their employees, according to a McKinsey survey of 100 executives spanning a range of locations and trades. Employees and business owners want it, but […]

Are you sure that site is legitimate?

Typosquatting: hacking techniques are getting more complicated

Typosquatting is a big threat to cybersecurity. 

Educate yourself on the most popular types of cyberattacks

Cybercrime is a constantly-evolving threat that is always finding new ways to breach your privacy. For example, phishing attacks develop new tactics to make them look legitimate, malware developers discover new ways to install them onto your device, and data breaches at companies that store private consumer information happen at alarming rates. To help protect […]

How to chat with chatbots

Chatbots are widely used to facilitate customer engagement, but they can be awkward and even risky to interact with. If you happen to receive an unexpected call asking, “can you hear me”, a voicemail message claiming that your warranty has expired (even if you don’t have one) or a chat message that suggests you enter […]