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Look out for phishing scams disguised as social media games

Have you ever completed a quiz on Facebook? Although questionnaires are good fun, cybercriminals sometimes design them to solicit personal information. Be wary of any that ask you to share personal information in the comments section, such as your first job or your pet’s name – these are often the type of questions used to […]

Don’t hurry to click links

Links online may be tricky. If incorporated in text, you can’t directly see where they go to, meaning a simple click could take you somewhere you did not want to go, like a webpage infested with adware. Try hovering over them with a mouse, or copying them with a press and hold contextual menu on […]

Filter out unwanted messages on Instagram

Instagram is a great form of communication for millions of people, but that also makes it a target for bad actors. Some scammers send phishing attacks through the app’s messaging feature to unsuspecting users. To avoid these threats, you can choose not to receive messages from people you don’t follow whatsoever. Here’s how it’s done: […]

Hover over a link before you click on it

You can never really be sure you’re clicking on a malicious link until you do. Bad actors often attempt to fool their victims with seemingly real links to web pages that emulate legitimate sites. Below the surface, however, those pages are riddled with malware and other threats. To avoid these scams, you should always hover […]

Double-check your email attachments

Email attachments can be dangerous. They might contain malware that causes an infection when downloaded. Even if you get an attachment from someone you know, think about it before opening it and, if you’re unsure if it’s genuine, follow up with that person separately. Cyberattackers have become skilled at spoofing return addresses to make it […]

Limit message-based scams in Apple iMessage

The Messages app on any iPhone or Mac collects both your SMS texts and iMessage chats. For the latter, you can configure a setting that restricts notifications for any iMessage from a phone number or email address that’s not already in your contacts list. This can be used to help filter out message spam and […]