Silence the spam: filter unknown iMessages on iPhone

Feeling overwhelmed by random texts on your iPhone? iMessages can be a great way to connect, but they can also be a gateway for unwanted messages. Luckily, iPhones with iMessage have a built-in feature to silence the spam: filtering unknown senders.

This handy tool helps keep your inbox clutter-free and protects you from potential scams and harassment. Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Grab your iPhone and open “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Messages”.
  3. Look for the “Messages Filtering” section.
  4. Toggle on “Filter Unknown Senders”.

Now, iMessages from people not in your Contacts will be automatically filtered into a separate message list. You can still access and review these messages if needed, but they won’t clutter your main inbox.

Here’s why this is a great security tip:

  • Reduces Phishing Risk: Phishing messages often come from unknown numbers, trying to trick you into clicking malicious links or revealing personal information. Filtering helps keep them out of sight.
  • Cuts Down on Harassment: Spam texts and unwanted messages can be annoying and even scary. Filtering unknown senders helps minimize these disruptions.
  • Keeps Your Inbox Organized: No more scrolling through endless messages from unknown numbers! Your inbox stays clean and focused on your important conversations.

Filtering unknown senders is a great first step, but it’s not foolproof. Always be cautious with any message, even from known contacts, and never click on suspicious links or share personal information without verifying the sender.