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Texting smackdown—iMessage vs. SMS—what you need to know

Ever wondered why your iPhone messages are sometimes blue and sometimes green? It’s all about iMessage and SMS, two different texting options. But the difference goes way beyond just the color. Here’s the breakdown: The Takeaway: For super secure chats and sharing cool stuff, stick with iMessage when texting between Apple devices. But if you’re […]

Beware the Text Scam: Spotting Smishing Attacks

Ever get a suspicious text message claiming to be from your bank or about a surprise package delivery? Those could be smishing attempts – text message scams designed to trick you into giving up personal information or clicking on malicious links. Smishing 101: Texting Trouble Smishing is like phishing (those scam emails) but delivered straight […]

Silence the spam: filter unknown iMessages on iPhone

Feeling overwhelmed by random texts on your iPhone? iMessages can be a great way to connect, but they can also be a gateway for unwanted messages. Luckily, iPhones with iMessage have a built-in feature to silence the spam: filtering unknown senders. This handy tool helps keep your inbox clutter-free and protects you from potential scams […]

Switch to encrypted messaging apps for secure chats

Text messages, sent via carrier SMS, have been a mainstay of mobile communication. However, they have increasingly been replaced by over-the-top (i.e., internet-based) services like Apple iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram. These alternatives not only offer more features but also provide end-to-end encryption, a security measure not supported by SMS or its successor, RCS. Why encrypted […]

Beware of phishing text messages

Phishing scams aren’t limited to email. It’s a good habit not to respond to any text messages from senders you don’t recognize. If you receive a suspicious text that claims to be from a person you know or a popular company, double-check by making a new text message thread with the person or contacting the […]

Delete your ancient WhatsApp messages

Most of us can leave WhatsApp chats hanging around like a gallery no one ever visits. By periodically getting rid of the conversations, you don’t need to see or reference anymore, you’ll prevent any sensitive details from falling into the hands of a thief. They don’t even need to physically steal your phone either – […]