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Suspicious email – hit delete – don’t reply

We’ve all been there. You open your inbox and see an email that raises your eyebrows. Maybe the sender’s address looks like a jumbled mess, the subject line screams urgency with bad grammar, or there’s an attachment you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. These are the red flags of a suspicious email, and the […]

Don’t fall for fake security pop-ups–stay calm and close the tab

Ever browsing and suddenly see a scary pop-up warning about viruses or compromised systems? Be aware, these are likely scams, not real security alerts. Here’s how to stay safe: How to Spot a Fake Security Pop-Up: What to Do if You See a Fake Pop-Up: Real security software won’t bombard you with scare tactics. If […]

Silence the spam: filter unknown iMessages on iPhone

Feeling overwhelmed by random texts on your iPhone? iMessages can be a great way to connect, but they can also be a gateway for unwanted messages. Luckily, iPhones with iMessage have a built-in feature to silence the spam: filtering unknown senders. This handy tool helps keep your inbox clutter-free and protects you from potential scams […]

Implement email filtering and anti-phishing solutions

With upwards of 90% of cyberattacks beginning with a phishing email, it’s important that an organization adopts email filtering and anti-phishing solutions. Such solutions work to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks through email — minimizing the financial, reputational and operation risks associated with successful phishing attacks.

Stay informed about phishing tactics

While phishing attacks remain a prevalent threat, staying informed on the latest attack evolutions can help to safeguard your devices. As general rules: Beyond these practices, consider taking some time to read more extensively on phishing attacks and put into practice safety measures accordingly.

Conduct employee training and phishing simulations

You can strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity defenses by investing in comprehensive employee training programs and conducting regular phishing simulations. Employee training should encompass threat awareness, safe email practices and the ability to recognize and thwart common social engineering tactics. Simulated phishing exercises gauge your team’s readiness and response to phishing attempts, allowing you to tailor […]