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What are web site certificates?

If a company wants to have a secure web site that uses encryption, it needs to obtain a site, or host, certificate. There are two elements that indicate that a site uses: 1. a closed padlock, which, depending on your browser, may be located in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window […]

Avoid email if you’re transmitting sensitive information

Email is based on an old set of protocols with few privacy protections. Don’t send your most sensitive information (like your Social Security number) over email if possible. Use encrypted chat or a voice call instead.

Remove old search results about yourself

Someone looking up your name on a search engine like Google might find results related to your previous jobs and addresses, along with information about your relatives. This data could be used against you, for example in determining the answers to security questions. Luckily, Google offers a URL removal tool for requesting takedowns of specific […]

How do you know if your privacy is being protected?

Check the privacy policy – before submitting your name, email address, or other personal information on a website, look for the site’s privacy policy. This policy should state how the information will be used and whether or not the information will be distributed to other organizations. Companies sometimes share information with partner vendors who offer […]

Be wary of strangers on social networks

The Internet makes it easy for people to misrepresent their identities and motives. Consider limiting the people who are allowed to contact you on these sites. If you interact with people you do not know, be cautious about the amount of information you reveal or agreeing to meet them in person.

Overwrite deleted data if you’re giving away your device

In many instances, deleting a file doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. It might still be recoverable by someone with the right tools. When recycling a device or giving it to someone else, use an overwrite program to ensure full deletion of personal information from the drive.