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Use caution when providing your personal information

Emails that appear to come from a legitimate source and websites that appear to be legitimate may be malicious. An example is an email claiming to be sent from a system administrator requesting your password or other sensitive information or directing you to a website that requests your information. Online services (e.g., banking, ISPs, retailers) […]

Use a unique password for each site

Recycling passwords is easy, but dangerous. Make sure that every site you create an account for has a unique and strong password. You can use your own methodology to create such passwords, for example by turning a long and memorable phrase into acronym. Alternatively, you can use a password generator.

Use your browser’s built-in password manager

Major web browsers including Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox all include password management features designed to make your life easier. When you enter a password on a site, they will usually ask you if you want to save it and your username for later. Doing so is a good way to avoid the […]

Send a password via AirDrop

Apple iOS and macOS each contain a built-in password manager, complete with a password generator. The passwords it creates are complicated, which is good for your account security. If you ever need to share one of them, you can do so via the Settings app, which provides an AirDrop option for securely sending a login […]

Use a mobile banking app to manage your account

This isn’t merely a convenience tip. Using an official app from your financial institution is usually the safest way to get alerts about your activity, view statements and confirm a login attempt via 2-factor authentication. Moreover, it will help you mitigate the risk of engaging with potentially risky emails claiming to be from your bank […]

Change your Facebook password every couple of months or sooner

Creating a strong password for all of your online accounts is a necessary but not sufficient measure for protecting your information. Even major services like Facebook suffer security incidents in which login credentials are stored in plain text, meaning anyone could potentially retrieve them. Set a reminder to change your password periodically and do it […]