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Level Up Your Login Security: Google Prompts to the Rescue!

Ever worry about someone snagging your password and sneaking into your accounts? Two-factor authentication (2FA) is your security superhero, adding an extra layer of protection. And for your Google Account, there’s a super convenient 2FA option called “prompts.” What are Prompts? Imagine trying to enter a building – you need a key (your password) and […]

App password power – unlocking secure connections

Ever tried connecting your email to a new app, but it keeps asking for a weird “app password”? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question. App passwords are a special kind of security key that helps keep your accounts safe. Why App Passwords? Imagine your main email password is like your house key – it […]

See what you type: unmasking your password (safely)

Ever gotten locked out of your account because you mistyped your password for the hundredth time? We’ve all been there. Those little dots hiding your password as you type can be super secure, but also super frustrating! Here’s the thing: toggling the password visibility setting (that little eye icon you often see) can actually help […]

Don’t leave your digital doors unlocked

Just like you lock your house, you should lock your phone and tablet to keep your personal information safe. Here’s why a strong passcode or fingerprint scan is your digital security guard: Strong Passwords: The Key to Security The lock on your device is only as strong as your password. Here are some tips for […]

Don’t be a password repeat offender

We all love the convenience of sticking with the same password for everything. Data breaches happen all the time, and if one site gets hacked, your password for other accounts could be at risk. Here’s how to be a password pro and keep your online life safe: But creating and remembering tons of passwords is […]

Reused passwords–your iPhone can help you spot the risk

We all know the importance of strong, unique passwords. But let’s be honest, remembering them all can be a struggle. Luckily, iPhones with iOS come with a built-in password manager to help you out. This handy tool not only stores your logins but also helps you identify potential security risks. Here’s what to watch out […]