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Don’t use the default credentials on your network router

Most network routers have default credentials such as “admin” for a username and “password” for a password, neither of which requires much work to guess. Whatever the default credentials, they’re always the same on any given router model, making it a good idea to change these credentials as soon as you set up your router. […]

Use different passwords for different accounts and use a password manager

It’s good practice to make your passwords unique across accounts along with a password manager for the sake of security. While password managers usually cost money, they can provide extremely secure passwords that you aren’t required to remember. The software will remember all of them for you and conceal them behind one master password. Just […]

Know what makes a secure password

A strong password includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Don’t use any words that can be found in a dictionary and don’t include any personal information such as your name or birthday. These can be easily guessed by simple, everyday cracking software available to everyone.

Don’t write down your login information on Post-It Notes

This might seem obvious, but you may be surprised at how many people stick their login credentials to their monitors at work. This can potentially give access to anyone if you so much as step away from your workstation for a few minutes. If the bad actor doesn’t sit down at your desk directly, they […]

Put passwords on your flash drives and encrypt them

Due to their small size and potential to fall out of your pocket, flash drives are common objects of theft. Encryption and a password can help to keep the data within the drive safe. It’s long been thought that the more complicated a password, the harder it is for hackers. This once maybe once was […]

Never give a password via email

No company will ever, under any circumstances, ask you for your password via email. Any email asking you to provide your password is a phishing scam. If you ever need to enter your password, always type the URL of the company’s site directly into the hyperlink bar to be sure the site is genuine. Also […]