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Be careful when shopping online

Anytime you enter payment information on a website, you should be extra careful, since that data could potentially be tracked and harvested by hackers. Before purchasing anything, make sure you’re on a safe network, as in a network that you own, not a public Wi-Fi server. As a rule of thumb, don’t buy anything online […]

E-skimming attacks on the rise as peak online shopping season begins

With the holidays right around the corner, online shopping is poised for a record-breaking season in 2019. Emarketer predicts that consumers will spend over $135 billion this upcoming holiday season. The e-commerce boom precipitated a new cybersecurity threat known as e-skimming, which involves the theft of consumer payment information from online stores. If you’re thinking […]

Shop carefully on

Amazon includes a huge range of products, many with fast shipping. However, you should be careful when shopping there to avoid counterfeits and tainted products. If in doubt, look at the seller’s account as well as the reviews for the product, especially the negative ones.

Use trusted internet connections when banking or shopping online

When examining your online bank balance or making a purchase, try to avoid networks you don’t typically use, particularly public Wi-Fi hotspots they are not very secure, which makes it easy for others to intercept your data.  When you’re doing important transactions use your password-protected home network or employ a virtual private network (VPN) service.

Don’t save credit card info on websites

Websites will often offer to save your card details for next time. This is convenient, but not without risk. If the site were ever breached, your card number might be stolen and used for fraudulent purchases. The alternative is to enter the number manually each time or pay with a more secure service such as […]

Take advantage of payment services like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Although they have limited acceptance online, these three payment services have a growing presence in physical retail. They’re safer than using your actual payment cards, since they do not supply the real card number but rather a device identifier. Anywhere that shows the logo for one of these services will usually accept all three, so […]