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A good secure way to pay online

Credit cards are one the safest ways to make online purchases because you can dispute the charges if you never get the goods or services or if the offer was misrepresented. Federal law limits your liability to $50 if someone makes unauthorized charges to your account, and most credit card issuers will remove them entirely […]

Erase your Amazon browsing history to protect your privacy

Amazon keeps a detailed record of everything you search, shop and save on their marketplace. As a result, you likely see suggestions for similar products all over their website. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can erase your browsing history from your Amazon profile.

Try using a prepaid card when shopping online

Having your payment card details stolen can be a traumatic experience, especially if the card in question was a debit card tied to a bank account. Prepaid cards offer a safer alternative. You can just load a small amount onto them each time you need to make a purchase. If the card is compromised, there’s […]

Sign up for email alerts to quickly verify your online transactions

If available, sign up to receive an alert whenever your cards make a transaction. If you ever receive a suspicious alert, you’ll be the first to know. This way you can quickly contact your bank or credit card company to alert them of the fraud on your account and prevent any further damages.

Try using just one credit card for online purchases

To decrease the possible damage of an attacker gaining access to your credit card information, consider opening a credit card account for use only online. Maintain a minimum credit line on the account to limit the amount of charges a possible attacker can amass against you.

If your card gets declined, investigate the situation

If your card gets declined and there’s no reason it should have, there’s a chance someone has stolen your identity and is racking up debt under your name. Look into any outstanding bills to ensure they are all yours. To be extra cautious, freeze your credit temporarily while you investigate.