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Keep a close eye on your bank statements

Especially with the rise of online banking, mobile payments and online buying, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your financial accounts and check them routinely for possible fraud. Check your bank and credit card statements carefully to make sure there’s nothing improper happening.

Clean up your digital wallet

Over time you are likely to have used various debit and credit cards to make online purchases, permitting your details to be stored for future use — whether it’s in Google Pay, Apple Wallet or a website’s online store. Check through the payment information you’ve stored there, culling out obsolete or unused accounts. Cutting down […]

Try not to use your debit card for online buying

Most credit cards offer some protection against identity theft and may limit the monetary amount you will be responsible for paying. Debit cards do not offer that protection. Because the charges may be instantly deducted from your account, a hacker who obtains your account information may empty your bank account before you even realize it.

Think twice before saving your payment information online

If you frequently shop from one particular website you may be tempted to save your payment information for a faster checkout process. Although quick and convenient, saving credit card numbers online means putting your financial information in the hands of someone else. If that data were ever compromised, your credit card information could be stolen […]

Shop online only from secure websites

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday present, holiday or just treating yourself to something special, ensure you’re doing so from a safe and reputable website. Anytime you input sensitive information, like credit card numbers, you risk exposing yourself to malicious third parties. Check that the website you’re buying from uses SSL protection by taking a […]

Do not conduct sensitive transactions on a public shared device

Even though computers available at libraries, college campuses and other public locations are convenient resources for low-risk activities like browsing the web or collaborating on documents. They’re less not to good for conducting online banking or shopping transactions, because you can’t be sure they’re totally secure. Bets staying with your own devices and networks for […]