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Refrain from using a debit card or bank account for online purchases.

Debit accounts, if compromised, put you at a greater risk of losing money, as unauthorized users can easily withdraw funds. On the other hand, credit cards offer increased fraud and liability protection, along with chargeback options, making them a safer choice for online shopping. Ideally, opt for payment platforms like Apple Pay or Google Pay, […]

If you’re getting notices of new credit accounts being opened under your name that you don’t recognize, freeze your credit

Someone who has your personal information can use it to try to open fake credit accounts under your name. If you receive notices of new credit accounts being opened that you aren’t aware of, immediately notify your credit card company. You’ll also want to go on all three major credit bureaus’ websites — Experian, Equifax […]

Protect your assets by regularly reviewing your financial statements

 Malware and viruses can steal the confidential information needed to conduct fraudulent activity under your name, so it’s important to act quickly if you experience any mysterious charges. Therefore, it is essential to check your statements for any suspicious charges, so that you can contact the institution and take measures such as changing your passwords […]

Don’t use public or shared connections for sensitive accounts

Securing your sensitive transactions online is of utmost importance. For any tasks that require your Social Security number such as managing an online bank account, buying something or performing some task, ensure that access of these activities is limited to devices you own, connected to secure networks such as your home Wi-Fi, cellular connection or […]

If you want to pay with debit online, use a third-party payment service

If you get scammed by a bad seller with your credit card information, you have ways of getting your money back. Most credit card companies have built-in protections from fraud or unauthorized transactions. However, this isn’t the case with debit cards: Losing money from a debit card purchase is far less likely to be retrieved. […]

Avoid third-party services that offer to find out your credit score

There’s little to no reason to use paid services, as you can access your credit score for free from any of the three main credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. While you can only do this periodically, credit scores tend to be consistent enough and they probably won’t change very much before you can check […]