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Public computers – great for browsing, not banking

Public computers at libraries, schools, or cafes are handy for checking the web or working on projects. But hold on! These machines might not be the best place for sensitive online activities like banking or shopping. Here’s why: What can you do safely on public computers? When it comes to online security, it’s better to […]

Banking on the go? Beware of public Wi-Fi

Ever check your bank balance on a coffee shop Wi-Fi? Hold on, that might not be the best idea! Let’s talk secure connections for online banking and shopping. Think of your online info like cash – you wouldn’t hand it out just anywhere, right? Public Wi-Fi can be risky, like leaving your wallet on a […]

Regularly monitor your online financial statements

Gaining unauthorized access to financial information is a key motive of many, if not most cybercriminals. Therefore, keep a close eye on your digital bank and credit card statements. If you notice anything that may indicate suspicious activity, report the discrepancies to your financial institution as soon as possible. Notably, many banks and credit card […]

Shield your valued accounts with extra layers of security

In today’s digital world, not all online accounts are created equal. Some, like online banking, e-commerce, and social media, hold sensitive information that makes them prime targets for cyberattacks. To safeguard these accounts, consider implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) and creating strong passwords. Two-factor authentication: an extra barrier against hackers 2FA adds an extra layer of […]

Conduct periodic security audits of financial apps

Given their importance and propensity to cyberthreats, take stock of your financial apps by conducting regular audits. Specifically, review permissions and access, keep all software up-to-date, encrypt all data, be on the lookout for suspicious activity, ensure a backup is in place and test account recovery. Here’s a checklist for a comprehensive financial app security […]

Regularly review and update your list of authorized devices

Particularly concerning sensitive accounts, such as your email, online banking and cloud storage, regular reviews and the updating of authorized devices thereof act as a defense against potential security threats. If you identify a new device that you either don’t recognize or no longer use, remove it immediately and file a report if necessary. Here […]