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If your card gets declined, investigate the situation

If your card gets declined and there’s no reason it should have, there’s a chance someone has stolen your identity and is racking up debt under your name. Look into any outstanding bills to ensure they are all yours. To be extra cautious, freeze your credit temporarily while you investigate.

Enable notifications for credit or debit card purchases

It’s important to always look out for fraud on your credit or debit card purchases. Even if no one has stolen your physical card, there are ways they can use the number. If you don’t want to take the time to review your purchases frequently, you can instead opt for text or email notifications whenever […]

Shopping online — pay with credit card instead of debit

E-commerce sites are typically well-protected from attacks. However, you can further reduce your risk by paying with credit, or with a gift/prepaid card, instead of debit. That way, you have more protections from identity theft and no prospect of your bank account being cleaned out if your card number is stolen.

Make online purchases with a credit card, not a debit card

When paying with a credit card, the vendor does not receive direct access to your money. Instead, they receive money from your bank, and then the bank bills you at the end of the month. This protects your money from fraudulent vendors and individuals who get their hands on your credit card information.

Avoid permitting websites to remember your password

If your password is stored, your profile and any account information you have provided on that site is readily available if an attacker gains access to your computer, especially on your banking and financial sites. Additionally, evaluate your settings on social networking websites. The nature of those sites is to share information, but you should […]

Bank online whenever possible

Some ATMs automatically print receipts without asking your preference. If you leave a receipt at the ATM — or even if you take it, and it falls out of your pocket — someone could gain access to your bank account or deposit information. If you do your banking online from the privacy of your home […]