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Use your security software’s browser for financial transactions

For want maximum protection from cyber threats while performing online transactions, utilize your antivirus’ safe browsing feature. Many security programs have this option, which creates a secure environment in which your data is completely safe. This option creates a sandbox environment in which keyloggers and malware have no access to any information that’s inputted into […]

If you’re doing anything sensitive, utilize private browsing

Private browsing is a feature you can turn on in most browsers to disable the collection of cookies and internet history links as well as prevent the storing of any information. While your ISP will still be able to see your data, this can be useful if you wish to hide your online activity from […]

Try using of third-party payment services

Entering your card number into a website is both a hassle and a possible risk if someone is looking over your shoulder or monitoring the network. A better alternative is to just use something like PayPal or Apple Pay, which allows you to check out with a relatively streamlined process using pre-saved payment details.

Only connect via password-protected wi-fi or cellular

When shopping online, get the maximum possible security and privacy for your transactions. That means never buying anything while connected to public or open Wi-Fi networks, or even to the Wi-Fi of someone you don’t know well. Stick to your own Wi-Fi or to cellular service like 5G for the safest results.

Don’t use debit cards to make online purchases

There’s always a chance someone’s trying to catch the financial information you send out. While it’s bad if they get your credit card number, it’s potentially even worse if they have your debit card information. If money is withdrawn from your debit account by a bad actor, there’s probably no getting it back, so avoid […]

Bookmark your main sites to keep dependable links on file

Phishers often drive would-be victims to domains they misleadingly claim are legitimate sites, such as a bank’s web app or an identity verification landing page, requiring you act quickly. You can preempt this line of attack by keeping all your most important sites saved as bookmarks in your web browsers. These bookmarks can provide a […]