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Think twice before saving your payment information online

If you frequently shop from one particular website you may be tempted to save your payment information for a faster checkout process. Although quick and convenient, saving credit card numbers online means putting your financial information in the hands of someone else. If that data were ever compromised, your credit card information could be stolen […]

Do not conduct sensitive transactions on a public shared device

Even though computers available at libraries, college campuses and other public locations are convenient resources for low-risk activities like browsing the web or collaborating on documents. They’re less not to good for conducting online banking or shopping transactions, because you can’t be sure they’re totally secure. Bets staying with your own devices and networks for […]

Know the dangers of contactless payment methods

Contactless payment refers to using your smartphone, smartwatch or other wearables to make digital payments in lieu of physical tender. This can be a great convenience for people that prefer to leave their wallet at home, but also spells a great danger if your device falls into the wrong hands – especially if you’re using […]

Don’t do sensitive transactions on a shared public device

Although computers may be accessible at libraries, college campuses and other public locations they may be OK for low-risk activities like online browsing or collaborating on documents. They should not be used for conducting activities like online banking or shopping, since you can’t be sure they’re 100 percent secure. Stick to your own devices and […]

Keep an eye on your credit score

If your information is compromised, a hacker may be making charges on your credit card. If you’re unaware of those charges, your credit score could take a sizable hit. Keeping a watchful eye on your credit report is a good idea. Hackers often target financial information when ecommerce reaches peak volume. Monitoring your report will […]

Check your banking account statements regularly

Review your banking, credit card, or payment service statements regularly to ensure there are no unauthorized charges or withdrawals. Be sure to shred bank and credit card statements before throwing them in the trash. Recent events have seen a increase in the use of online shopping, mobile payments and online banking, it’s more important than […]