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Back up your important data in the cloud

Making a full backup of your phone or tablet once required connecting it to a local computer. Now there are more convenient cloud-based alternatives, including Apple iCloud and Google Drive, for making secure copies of your apps, logins and other data for easy restoration on any compatible mobile device. Your PC can similarly be backed […]

Why virus protection alone is not enough

Fact: Virus protection is helpful in staving off cyberattacks. Myth: It is the only tool you need for safe computing. Pretty much everyone who uses the Internet is bound to encounter one of those online ads that promises to defend your entire computer. The ad begins with some variation on the idea that “your computer isn’t safe,” […]

What will it take to hold onto your pictures forever?

No matter your background or interests, there’s one thing you likely share with a lot of people out there: A love of photos. Without knowing you personally, we’re going to take a guess that you have snapped a selfie in the past 24 hours (after all, there are millions that hit the net every day). […]