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Make sure to employ cloud backup to protect your data

Data can be lost in many ways including ransomware, malware, computer malfunctions, viruses, and accidental deletion. Use electronic and physical back-ups or copies of your most important files. Best practice is to also use an online backup tool as an added layer of security to keep your important documents safe.

Create backups to lessen the danger from ransomware

A 2021 ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline highlighted the risks of this form of malware, which encrypts your data and holds the decryption key hostage until you pay a fee. It’s possible to reduce ransomware‘s impact by making regular backups, either locally or in the cloud, so you can fall back on a clean copy […]

Back up your smartphone’s data to the cloud

Be sure to set up cloud backup for important data on your phone, such as: Contacts. Pictures. Videos. Apps. Email data. This ensures you can recover your data and information should something happen to your smartphone and makes it easy to access important assets from other devices in the meantime. Make sure your cloud storage […]

Before you travel backup your important information

It’s a good idea to back up your contacts, photos, videos and other important data with another device or cloud-base backup service before setting off on a trip. Better safe than sorry.

Laptop Travel Safety

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, travel has already ramped up more than an average 300% from 2020 according to the TSA. Whether it’s visiting family or finally taking that vacation that was indefinitely delayed, you’ll want to make sure all of your smart devices are secure while traveling to keep your information safe. After all, getting […]

Back up your information first before traveling

It’s always important when traveling to practice safe online behavior and take proactive steps to secure Internet-enabled devices. Before you set off on your next adventure be sure to back up your contacts, financial info, photos, videos, and other to another device or cloud service in case your device is compromised, and you have to […]