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Your Wi-Fi’s not so secret weapon: secure your router

Connecting your computer to the internet opens doors… millions of them, in fact It links you to countless devices, some not so friendly. But fear not, tech adventurer You have a powerful shield – your router. Think of your router as your Wi-Fi castle gate. It controls who and what enters your digital home. But […]

Implement Network Segmentation

Network segmentation entails dividing a network into smaller, isolated segments with the aim of confining potential security breaches and curtailing the lateral movement of attackers. This approach restricts entry to sensitive systems and data, ensuring that even in the event of a compromise in one segment, the overall impact on the network is kept to […]

Home network hero: divide and conquer with network segmentation

Want to level up your home network security? Take inspiration from medieval castles and build virtual walls with network segmentation! It’s like creating separate kingdoms for your smart devices, computers, and even guest Wi-Fi, keeping bad guys locked out from one if they sneak into another. Imagine this: your smart fridge gets hacked (it happens!). […]

Employ intrusion detection systems (IDS)

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) scrutinize network traffic and identify deviations from baseline behavior to facilitate real-time monitoring of your network. They also work to point out unauthorized access attempts and potential security breaches more generally. Whether host-based, network-based or cloud-based, IDS options provide comprehensive coverage. When anomalies are detected, your IDS generates alerts, allowing you […]

Protect your IoT devices by adjusting their default passwords regularly and updating their firmware

To best secure your IoT devices, consider the following: change default passwords, update firmware regularly and isolate them on a separate network. Furthermore, disable unnecessary features, audit device access and, as always, use strong WiFi passwords. And to take extra precautions, here are steps that you can take: Set up intrusion detection systems (IDS) that […]

Use a firewall on your computer to block unauthorized access to your network

Firewalls essentially serve as a barrier between your device and the internet. Specifically, they monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, blocking unauthorized connections and potential cyber threats. Most devices come with built-in firewalls, but for additional peace of mind, you can also opt for third-party firewall software. In doing so, configure the firewall to allow […]