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Create a SIM pin to protect against theft

What if your SIM card were removed and put into another phone, allowing someone else to receive your calls and messages? You can hedge against this possibility by setting up a SIM PIN on iOS or Android. With that enabled, your SIM isn’t usable unless someone knows its corresponding PIN.

3 Tips for Better Android Security

Android is the most popular consumer computing platform in the world, used across billions of phones, tablets, smart TVs and other connected devices. However, its popularity and distinctive structure – under which carriers and manufacturers may heavily modify it – make it a magnet for cyberattacks. As an Android user, what can you do to […]

Keep WhatsApp and similar messaging apps up-to-date

Internet-based chat apps are generally safer than plain SMS (text) messages, but they’re not necessarily bulletproof. An exploit in WhatsApp, allowing malware injection, showed that even apps touting “end-to-end encryption” sometimes have vulnerabilities. To stay safe, apply any updates as soon as possible or – for particularly sensitive conversations – take them offline or use […]

Enable a remote device locator for your phone

Tools such as Find My iPhone and Find My Device are useful for locating your phone from a computer if it ever gets lost. If you don’t have one our Mobile Security product has one. Usually, they’re on by default. Note however that you will need a cloud account (like iCloud or a Google Account) […]

More devices, more vulnerabilities – What 5G networks mean for mobile and IoT security

By now, you might have heard or read something about 5G mobile networks. As the name suggests, 5G denotes the fifth generation of cellular data and voice technology. Each generation so far has represented a significant technological advancement: 1G pioneered truly wireless calling as well as roaming. 2G introduced digital call encryption and SMS (text […]

Keep a VPN app installed on your phone

Virtual private networks, which may be free or paid services, are the best way to ensure a secure network connection. If you’re on the go, you will usually have pretty good protection by using cellular service on your phone, tablet or laptop, but a VPN is useful in situations where you want to fully protect […]