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Replace your phone when the security update period runs out

All smartphones have a limited period of time until they’ll stop releasing security updates for the device. Look up how long those periods are for your model. Most devices have three-year cycles, but some have up to five years. Once your security patches run out, you’ll be vulnerable to new threats.

Double-check two-factor authentication before switching your phone number

If you switch your phone number, make sure to update any two-factor authentication (2FA) services you use. As many 2FA processes are based on the phone number, you won’t be able to access your accounts after the number is changed. It’s recommended to use an authenticator app or a trusted device for your 2FA needs, […]

Disable Bluetooth when it’s not being used

Bluetooth can be an exceptionally useful wireless technology when connecting a range of devices including earbuds, microphones or personal vehicles. However, leaving Bluetooth on all the time, especially if you frequent public areas, can be a security risk. Turn it off when you’re not using it, and only turn it back on if you’re sure […]

What’s multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication is a type of authentication that requires multiple pieces of evidence to validate a user’s identity. It typically involves up to three factors – something the user knows (like a password or PIN), something the user has (such as a security token or cellphone), and something the user is (a biometric characteristic, like […]

Beware of copycat apps

It’s all too easy to accidentally install a malicious app on your phone. This could be because an app mimics a legitimate one; for example, if you want the Amazon Alexa app, make sure it’s the official software by Amazon by checking the source and reading the user reviews. Also, be wary of apps that […]

Time to get rid of your unused apps!

It’s not just about de-cluttering your closet or bookshelf, it also applies to any digital stuff you have, like your phone apps. Take a look through your phone and if you come across an app you haven’t used in a while (or ever!), get rid of it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by reducing […]