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Your phone’s PIN–don’t make it easy to crack

We all know locking our phones is important, but a weak PIN is like leaving your front door wide open. Those simple PINs like “123456” or repeating numbers are easy to guess, especially for someone who knows you. So, how do you create a strong PIN that keeps your phone secure? Think Strong, Not Simple: […]

Skip the sideload–stay safe with official App Stores on Android

Android offers a world of apps, but sometimes, you might stumble upon an app that isn’t available in the Google Play Store. It might be a game a friend recommends or a productivity tool you saw on a website. Here’s the thing: installing these apps, also known as “sideloading,” can be risky for your device. […]

Lock it down – keep your iPhone safe from USB snooping

Ever worry about someone accessing your iPhone data while it’s locked? Fear not, you can easily disable USB accessories, like flash drives or keyboards, when your phone is locked. Imagine your iPhone as a treasure chest, and your data as the valuables inside. Disabling USB access is like adding a lock on the chest, preventing […]

Mobile meltdown: how recent outages impacted you (and what you can do)

Remember that recent mobile network outage? Ugh, not a fun time. But beyond the initial annoyance, what did it mean for the average mobile user? Let’s break it down. Feeling Disconnected: Imagine your phone, your lifeline to the digital world, suddenly going silent. No calls, texts, or internet access. That’s exactly what happened to millions […]

Wi-Fi wars: choosing a secure network

Free Wi-Fi? Sounds amazing, but hold on, not all networks are created equal. Some are like open fortresses, letting anyone in. Yikes! So, how to find the secure ones? Look for the security protocol used. It’s like a password for the network, keeping unwanted guests out. WPA: This is a good start, like a basic […]

Phone panic? Track it down with remote locators

Ever misplaced your phone and felt like your brain suddenly vanished too? Relax, tech-sleuths! Tools like Find My iPhone and Find My Device are like digital bloodhounds, helping you track down your lost phone right from a computer. These handy finders are usually pre-activated, ready to spring into action when your phone goes AWOL. But […]