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Steer clear of PC video game “cracks”

Many PC video games require activation, via unique product keys that come with official copies. There’s an entire cottage industry of downloadable “cracks” purporting to enable access even if you didn’t purchase a legitimate copy. However, many of these programs are malware. In general, video game piracy is high-risk/low-reward and should be avoided.

Types of Malware: What’s a Worm?

A type of malware that replicates itself over and over within a computer. Most cybercrime starts with malware. Cybercriminals use it to access your computer or mobile device to steal your personal information like your Social Security number, passwords, credit card information, or bank account information, to commit fraud. Once cybercriminals have your personal information, […]

Know the dangers of torrenting

BitTorrent is a popular way to download content from the internet. It comes with many risks, though, including bandwidth throttling by your ISP and possible malware infection. Use alternatives or, at the very least, guard your activity with a VPN.

Reboot devices to purge malware

Many malware variants are stored in RAM, meaning that once you reset the device in question, they disappear. This was the case for the VPN Filter malware that affected many routers. Reboot regularly to stay safe.

Types of Malware: What is a Trojan?

A type of malware that disguises itself as a normal file to trick a user into downloading it in order to gain unauthorized access to a computer.

Turn off UPnP on your Internet router

The recent VPN Filter malware revealed the abundance of security issues in many of the Internet routers we rely on every day. One vulnerability you can close right away involves universal plug and play (UPnP), a service for automatically configuring some devices on the network. Turn it off unless you’re sure you need it.