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Be extra careful with torrents

Torrents tend to be loaded with malware that’s trying to get you to download it. While torrents can be useful for peer-to-peer file sharing, it’s best to exercise a special amount of caution when downloading anything off one. Many torrents are “fake” items that claim to contain one thing but instead contain dangerous malware.

Be cautious using public Wi-Fi

Be cautious about what you do on public Wi-Fi and use a VPN if possible. Another option is to look for semi-public networks with passwords that are provided by staff or on printed receipts, like at restaurants or coffee shops. Up-to-date security software is also a must-have to safeguard you from any malware you might […]

The most dangerous malware of 2022

2021 was, unfortunately, a predictably good year for cybercriminals. With remote and hybrid working solutions gaining popularity, people are using the internet in more ways than ever before, making them ripe targets for cybercrime. In addition, malware that targeted major government infrastructure succeeded with the Colonial Pipeline, which was the victim of a ransomware attack. […]

Double-check and corroborate sources of news for legitimacy

“Fake news” designed for malicious purposes is fairly common on social media, and because these pieces are often sensational, they tend to spread quickly. There are a few ways you can be sure something you’re reading on the internet is real. First, consider the source: Are they a well-known and credible provider of information? If […]

Be suspicious of shortened links

Vanity link shorteners such as and were once popular as a space-saving techniques on platforms like Twitter. They carry risks, though, since you cannot immediately see where they lead. Shortened URLs have been used in numerous scams. For example, a address was central to a phishing campaign that pointed victims to a […]

Reduce the damage caused by malware by frequently backing up your data

Sometimes, the only way to repair a device that’s infected with malware is to completely wipe the storage drive and reinstall the operating system or perform a factory reset. This will destroy all the data inside and the malware with it. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict when malware will compromise your device, so you should […]