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The lowdown on USB thumb drive security

USB thumb drives – those little keychain lifesavers that hold our entire digital lives. While they’re not quite as trendy as they once were, they’re still a handy way to carry a lot of data in a tiny package. But here’s the thing: these little guys can also pose a security risk. Let’s say you […]

Spring clean your PC: 3 easy ways to boost speed and security

Just like your home, your computer can benefit from a good spring cleaning! Here are 3 easy ways to refresh your PC and keep it running smoothly and securely: 1. Fight the Filth: Remove Viruses and Malware Think of your computer like a fortress. Viruses and malware are like invaders trying to steal your information […]

Malware madness–understanding the threat of worms

Malware: the internet’s creepy crawlies that can wreak havoc on your device. But what exactly is a worm, one type of this malicious software? Here’s the lowdown: Why is Malware a Big Deal? Think of malware as a cybercriminal’s toolbox. Here’s how it can be used to harm you: Protecting Yourself from Malware: Malware is […]

Fight back against malware–the power of a simple restart

Ever feel like your computer is sluggish or acting strange? It might be infected with malware! But here’s a surprising weapon in your arsenal: a simple restart. Why Rebooting Helps Against Malware? Many sneaky malware programs lurk in your device’s RAM (memory). A restart clears the RAM, making these programs disappear – like flicking off […]

Skip the sideload–stay safe with official App Stores on Android

Android offers a world of apps, but sometimes, you might stumble upon an app that isn’t available in the Google Play Store. It might be a game a friend recommends or a productivity tool you saw on a website. Here’s the thing: installing these apps, also known as “sideloading,” can be risky for your device. […]

Fight malware like a pro: the power of limited access

Ever heard of “fighting fire with fire”? Well, fighting malware is about limiting its power Here’s a secret weapon: the principle of least privilege. Imagine your computer as a castle. You (the user) control who enters and what they can do. Least privilege is like giving out specific keys instead of a master key to […]