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Do your homework

When you see an exciting new app or game, it’s tempting to just go for it and hit the install button. Before you do this, check a few things to ensure it’s genuine and safe. Look at the source — where you’re downloading it from, as well as who the developer is. Check reviews: while […]

Reboot computer devices to purge malware

Numerous malware variations are stored in RAM, meaning that when you reset the device in question, they disappear. That was the case for a VPN Filter malware that affected many routers. Reboot regularly to keep safe.

Don’t use public USB ports

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to find publicly available USB ports for charging phones and other devices. But did you know that malicious hackers can take advantage of these charging locations? Hackers can install malware or viruses and steal your information through these public USB ports. Instead, use one of your own chargers and plug it […]

Be careful when using public PCs

When staying in a hotel or studying in a library, be mindful of how you use publicly accessible computers. There’s no telling who accessed these PCs or how safe they may be. Don’t log in to any personal accounts or input any sensitive information – public computers may be infected with keylogging malware designed to […]

Reconsider who you share your Netflix account with

Many people like to share their streaming services with friends and family. While doing so can be a kind gesture or favor, it also puts privacy at risk for all parties involved. When you give a friend access to your account, your privacy hinges upon their cybersecurity just as much as yours. If they click […]

Looking for a movie to watch? Stick with legitimate websites

If one thing is for sure, piracy is rampant on the internet – especially when it comes to movies. It may be easy to find pirated movies online, but they often come at the expense of your cybersecurity. Such illegitimate websites often contain hidden malware and other threats. Protect yourself from these threats and stick […]