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Add a layer of security to your emails with SPF or DKIM

Protect your emails from phishing scams, malware and other attacks by using a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and a DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) system. In essence, SPF allows you to define exactly which IP addresses are allowed to send mail from a specific domain. If a bad actor attempts to spoof an email from a […]

If you receive an unsolicited direct message, never click the link

Sliding into your DMs with a shady link is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Scammers often attempt to fool you by suggesting that the link will lead you to an image of yourself or something similarly personal. If you do, you’re likely inviting an unsuspected malware attack.

Create backups to lessen the danger from ransomware

A 2021 ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline highlighted the risks of this form of malware, which encrypts your data and holds the decryption key hostage until you pay a fee. It’s possible to reduce ransomware‘s impact by making regular backups, either locally or in the cloud, so you can fall back on a clean copy […]

If you find a USB device somewhere in public, don’t plug it into your computer

If you happen upon a USB device while out in public, such as a flash drive, do not take it home and plug it into your computer. There’s no telling what could be on the device, such as malware or ransomware. In some cases, scammers will leave USB devices in places so that they’re found […]

What is Rootkit?

A collection of software tools that enable an unauthorized user to gain remote access to a computer system without being detected. A type of malware that opens a perpetual “back door” into a computer system. Once installed, a rootkit will allow additional viruses to infect a computer as various hackers find and compromise the vulnerable […]

If someone is offering a game for free on a forum, it could contain malware

A general rule of thumb is: “If it’s free, it’s probably too good to be true.” Hackers have been lacing game files with cryptomining malware that could steal your information and affect your computer’s performance. Be sure to only download files like games from reliable sources.