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The most common malware affecting Microsoft Office – and how to avoid it

What malware should you know about when using Microsoft Office?

Look out for Google Chrome extension malware

Extensions enhance web browsers. At the same time, they can create security risks. For example, Google Chrome is probably just another trusted application to your operating system and antivirus software, meaning it – and its extensions – can run code without a hitch. Some extensions are malicious, though. Look for unusual names, obscure publishers and […]

Pay attention to browser warnings

Sometimes a search engine will return highly ranked results that nevertheless aren’t safe to visit. Maybe these pages have expired certificates or unusual redirects that haven’t gotten them flagged for removal yet. Your browser will usually warn you that they could be malware-laced traps. Heed these warnings and close the tab.

Turn off your computer if not in use

Powering down your Mac/PC when you’re not using it hits several birds with one stone: It saves electricity, while reducing your exposure to malware infections and preventing unwanted manipulation by anyone with physical access to it.

Types of Malware: What is Rootkit?

A type of malware that opens a permanent “back door” into a computer system. Once installed, a rootkit will allow additional viruses to infect a computer as various hackers find the vulnerable computer exposed and compromise it.

Types of Malware: What is Adware?

A type of software that downloads or displays unwanted ads when a user is online or redirects search requests to certain advertising websites. The term adware is frequently used to describe a form of malware, which presents unwanted advertisements to the user of a computer. The advertisements produced by adware are sometimes in the form […]