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For better performance – defragment your PC hard drive

PCs with spinning hard drives will take longer to start up and access files and applications if they are fragmented. Luckily, you can use either the built-in defragmentation tools in the operating system, or a more comprehensive like our PC tune-up solution, to organize data into fewer contiguous regions.

Modify unnecessary default features on new PCs

Remove unnecessary software, modify or delete unnecessary default features that will reduce attackers’ opportunities. Review the features that are enabled by default on your computer, and disable or customize those you don’t need or don’t plan on using. As with removing unnecessary software, be sure to research features before modifying or disabling them.

Elevate your laptop

Do you work on a laptop all day? If you already use an external keyboard and mouse, you should probably go a step further and pick up a stand. Raising your laptop higher can reduce neck strain by keeping your head level, and using a stand instead of other methods, like a stack of books, […]

Turn a few laptop ports into many with a dock

Modern laptops are quite thin, with some having only a single port or two. If you need more ports, you can use a docking station. These accessories can turn a single USB-C or Thunderbolt connector into many other types of I/O, including USB-A, SD card readers, Ethernet, and video ports (HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.)

Proceed carefully with any hard disk drive that’s 4+ years old

Hard disk drives eventually fail, especially if they’re heavily used. If you have been using the same drive for 4 or more years on a PC, consider replacing or moving on to another device to avoid any unexpected failure. Also be sure to backup everything before switching, either to an external drive or a cloud-based […]

First-Time Student Laptop Safety Checklist

While phones and tablets have become the go-to computing devices for many students, the laptop still has an important role to play. Any assignments requiring a lot of typing or working with complex documents such as slide decks or long PDFs, are usually better suited to the laptop’s unique capabilities. Many laptop models now even […]