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Use dark mode to preserve battery

Lots of smartphone users switch their display to dark mode because they find it easier on the eyes. But, it can conserve your battery life, too. Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) devices use individual light-emitting diodes to light the screen, which means that less electricity is used in dark mode because fewer bulbs are at work. […]

Use night-shift for better sleep

Our digital screens project lots of blue light that our brains interpret as daytime, which is why it’s advisable not to use them an hour before we plan to go to sleep. Most laptops and smartphones have a “night shift” setting that automatically converts your screen’s color to warmer ones during specified hours so that […]

Practice good eyesight hygiene to help with eye strain

All backlit screens emit blue light. While this makes them easy to see in a dark room, over-exposure can lead to eye strain. Looking at a screen right before bed can also harm your sleep patterns because the brain treats blue light as sunlight, telling your body it’s time to wake up instead of sleep. […]

Prevent carpal tunnel with wrist wrests

Anyone who uses a computer for long periods of time is vulnerable to painful carpal tunnel syndrome. A great way to help prevent it is to use wrist rests on your mousepad and below your keyboard. These will help keep your joints straight as you type and click. Also, taking breaks to stretch your wrists […]

Improve your PC’s performance by eliminating bloatware

Numerous PCs include preinstalled software that is likely never used. Bloatware not only takes up precious disk space but also slows down your computer. Standard removal methods, such as sending the icon to the trash/recycle bin, might not always work. Therefore, consider using third-party tools to assist in uninstalling unwanted programs.

If you experience “echos,” try using earbuds, headphones or a headset

If people on the other end of your audio feed complain about echoing sound, it’s likely because you’re not using a proper setup. For example, using just a webcam or microphone with external speakers could cause echoing. You can prevent this from happening by ensuring the sound you hear doesn’t feed back into your microphone. […]