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Be sure to safely discard old devices and drives!

They say that deleting something from a computer or hard drive doesn’t really get rid of it, and unfortunately, it’s true. If you get rid of a hard drive or give away an old PC, you should be careful – people could recover your past activities and files. Using a deep deletion utility first, or […]

Get a new phone, laptop or tablet if it’s no longer receiving security updates

Devices such as these only receive security updates for a certain period of time, generally three to five years. Take note of whether your device is still receiving security updates (it may automatically inform you when time expires), and don’t use it beyond its intended lifespan.

Turn off your webcam and microphone when not in use

Cybercriminals can potentially access the feeds from your webcam and microphone without your permission. Turn both of these off when you’re not using them, or even better, disconnect them entirely. Also, if you work from home and need to join conference video calls for work, think about keeping your private home protected by using background […]

Use a PIN to protect your Windows account

While you can opt for the convenience of having no security checks before logging into Windows, this leaves you vulnerable to anyone else walking up to the machine and looking at your data. This can be especially problematic if you live with other people who don’t need to see what’s on your computer. Adding a […]

Clean up your PC once in a while

Over time, your PC will make a whole lot of junk files that can take up quite a bit of space. Every now and then you’ll want to clean out your storage drive to not only free that space up, but also get rid of certain types of files, such as trackers, that you may […]

Change user account control settings in Windows

Ostensibly, user account control (UAC) is a feature automatically enabled in Windows that is designed to protect your system from any unwanted changes by notifying you every time an application or service wants to alter your system. In theory, this might sound helpful, but in practice, it’s not very useful due to the sheer number […]