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Software sunset: when your programs reach end-of-life

Imagine your favorite pair of jeans. You’ve loved them for years, but eventually, they get worn out and ripped. Software can be like that too. Sometimes, companies decide to stop supporting a program, which means no more updates or security patches. This software is then considered “end-of-life” (EOL). Why should you care? Here’s the deal: […]

Power down like a pro – the art of shutting down your PC

Feeling the urge to power down your PC after a long day of digital adventures? Hold on, there’s a right way to shut down that protects your precious data and keeps your system running smoothly. Think of your PC as a hardworking companion. Just like you wouldn’t yank the plug out of a running appliance, […]

Control your phone through your desktop or laptop

Normally, if you get a notification such as a text message or phone call while using another device, you would need to stop what you’re doing and switch tasks to answer the phone. Rather than suffer through this back-and-forth, you can integrate your phone with your computer. For example, Microsoft has a free app you […]

Improve your PC’s performance by eliminating bloatware

Numerous PCs include preinstalled software that is likely never used. Bloatware not only takes up precious disk space but also slows down your computer. Standard removal methods, such as sending the icon to the trash/recycle bin, might not always work. Therefore, consider using third-party tools to assist in uninstalling unwanted programs.

Pay attention to what you’re agreeing to during app installations

It’s common for these free apps to try and sneak in extra software you don’t want during the installation process. For example, a popular cleaning app will attempt to install a partnered antivirus program if you click “I agree” during one of the steps. This can be especially frustrating if you already have an antivirus […]

Don’t throw out old computers without removing or destroying the hard drive first

Those who frequent dumpster sites can find metaphorical gold if someone throws out an old computer, even if it’s no longer functioning. This is because the hard drive is often intact, with all your personal data on it. Erasing the data ahead of time is generally insufficient, as all data can easily be recovered with […]