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Disable default HTML image downloads in Gmail

Loading an HTML email from an unreliable source could expose you to malicious content. If you want to disable images from automatically loading in Gmail, click the Settings button, and in the General section, scroll down to Images. You can select “Ask before displaying external images.” If you’re on mobile, you’ll have to select your […]

Check which devices are logged into your Google Account

If you suspect there might be an unauthorized user on your Google Account, you can check which devices are logged into it. From any Google application, click on your user icon, then select “Manage your Google Account.” Navigate to the Security menu, and find the section labeled “Your devices.” If you don’t recognize something, follow […]

Get email faster by using the Gmail or Outlook apps

If you have a Gmail or email address, you can get your email faster if you use the official apps than if you rely on a standards-based mail client like Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. That’s because the apps use proprietary protocols that those clients do not. The tradeoff is having to see ads […]

Switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Gmail has more advanced security features than Yahoo Mail. Plus, Google is known to respond more quickly to cyberattacks. So if you want more peace of mind while sending and receiving emails, make Gmail your go-to service. 

Move email to the right Gmail tabs to control email flow

One of the great things about Gmail is its tabbed interface that sorts messages into multiple inboxes (e.g., Primary, Promotions, Social, etc.). You can drag messages between these inboxes to control which ones generate new mail notifications and which ones simply accumulate in another tab. This can be useful for avoiding feeling overwhelmed by your […]

Use Google prompts to confirm logins on a mobile device

Two-factor authentication (2FA) makes your accounts more secure. For a Google Account, confirming each new login via a prompt is one of the safest and most convenient 2FA options. Once you enable the option from your account page, you can confirm or deny login requests from your mobile device. On Android, these prompts come from […]