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Your Gmail settings: a quick security check-up

Ever feel like your Gmail might be acting a little…strange? Maybe emails are going missing, or you see unfamiliar addresses in your “Sent” folder. Don’t worry, it could be a simple setting gone rogue! The good news is, Gmail lets you customize tons of stuff, from how you view emails to where you send them […]

Gmail’s broken lock alert: your watchdog against unencrypted emails

Think your emails are safely zipping through the internet? Not always! While Gmail shields your messages with basic encryption, some senders might be using flimsy protection, leaving your messages exposed like postcards in a blizzard. But fear not, vigilant emailer! Gmail has a secret weapon to warn you: the broken lock icon. What’s the broken […]

Delete old files in Drive to free up space for other Google services

Every Google service typically uses a fixed amount of storage shared across all platforms. That means if you have a lot of files on Google Drive, it’s taking up the same space on Google Docs and Gmail. While Gmail will automatically free up space for new emails if your storage is full, it won’t do […]

Tell Gmail you only want to see certain images

It might sound like a small point, but the images you’re sent via email – even just a logo or profile picture loading up – can help hackers determine whether you’ve opened the message, setting you up for more spam or phishing. That’s why it’s useful to make images a requested element of your communications. […]

Use Confidential Mode if you have to share sensitive information through Gmail

It’s a best practice not to send sensitive, personal information over email whenever possible. When it can’t be avoided, Confidential Mode can give you some peace of mind. Before you hit Send, from the bottom row of the toolbar, select the Confidential Mode icon. It looks like a clock face with a padlock. You can […]

Delete or re-secure your neglected Gmail accounts

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, close out any you don’t frequently use, or revisit and re-secure them with an updated password and multi-factor authentication. This reduces cybersecurity risk in several ways. First, it helps stop others from reading your emails. Second, it can prevent someone accessing one of these accounts and using it to […]