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Be wary of phony social media profiles on Facebook

Ever received a friend or follow request from somebody you don’t know who didn’t seem to have a lot of information on their profile? Have you come across profiles that were created recently and only seem interested in promoting a specific political agenda? These could be signs of fake social media accounts. They may be […]

Be extra careful with applications that frequently get hacked

Cybercriminals target some applications more than others. Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp are the three most hacked apps, while Facebook, Amazon and Netflix sit much lower on the list. These rankings are important to consider when tightening up cybersecurity for yourself and your loved ones.

Create unique passwords for every online account

Do you use the same three passwords to access your email account, facebook page, and online banking? If so, take some time to switch it up. Reusing the same password for multiple online accounts can lead to serious cybersecurity issues. Think about it: If a hacker figures out your email address and password used to […]

Reject unknown friend requests

Cybercriminals will often create fake profiles on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin, with the objective of gathering sensitive information about you. By looking at your social media page, they can use your personal information to develop a phishing scam. To do this, they might create an alias or impersonate somebody you know before […]

Download your Facebook information

If you use Facebook, it’s a good idea to periodically download your data so that you have a copy in case anything were to ever happen to the site or you decided to leave the platform. You can do so from Settings -> Your Facebook Information -> Download Your Information.

Turn off or reduce Facebook emails

Facebook sends a lot of emails. If you don’t like them filling up your inbox, you can turn them off on Facebook’s site at Settings -> Notifications -> Email. Doing so will also make it easier to spot any fake emails in the future, from services claiming to be Facebook.