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Security and privacy in the metaverse: threats you’ll need to know about

The company formerly known as Facebook — now appropriately titled “Meta” — has never shied away from disruption. After all, Mark Zuckerberg’s internal motto was once “move fast and break things.” Facebook moved so fast, however, that it broke the two things every tech company is sworn to protect: cybersecurity and privacy. After a decade […]

Never log your location in your Facebook posts

Facebook allows you to geographically check in as part of posting on the site. Never show off where you’re currently located on social media. Depending on your settings, anyone may be able to view this information. Not only does it give away your current location, it could tell the wrong people that you’re currently not […]

Carefully consider granting application permissions

Mobile apps often ask for numerous permissions, including access to your camera, contacts list and geolocation. Think hard before permitting them, since some applications only want these abilities for data harvesting purposes. For example, it’s not usually vital to give Facebook access to your location, or to let Instagram listen in on your microphone.

Constrain Facebook’s tracking of your online activities

Facebook can be a useful platform for keeping in touch with friends and family. However, it collects enormous data on its users, even when they leave the site. Think about installing a browser extension or add-on like Facebook Container in Firefox to hide your web browsing details from Facebook and prevent targeted ads and recommendations.

If you no longer use Facebook, consider deleting your account

Facebook harbors a trove of personal information about you and everyone else on the platform. If left unattended, your Facebook account could become a security risk. Between hackers and data breaches, you’re better off deleting your profile if it’s no longer in use. You also have the option to back up any photos or videos […]

If you sign in frequently with a Google or Facebook account, enable two factor authentication

Signing in with your Google or Facebook account can greatly speed up the sign in process for a lot of websites, or if you’re visiting for the first time, skip the sign up process entirely. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to sign in everywhere with these accounts, but also poses a security risk. Be […]