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Manually download HTML images in email

Most email services/client default to downloading HTML images in the body of the email. This content can be important for understanding what an email says. However, it can also be risky, as cyberattackers can embed malicious code in it. You might consider disabling these image downloads by default and then manually downloading them on a […]

Set up an email recovery account or number

What if you couldn’t log into your email account? It would probably be a grim situation, given how central email accounts are to modern communications. The best way to ensure you’re not locked out is to set up a recovery email address or phone number, which can be used to create a new login.

How do you avoid being a phishing victim

Be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls or email messages from individuals asking about personal information. If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, try to verify it by contacting the company directly. Do not use contact information provided on a website connected to the request; instead, check previous statements for contact information.

Replace your Yahoo Mail password with a Yahoo Account Key

If you use Yahoo Mail, a Yahoo Account Key can be a convenient and secure alternative to a traditional password. It’s a notification sent to a mobile device of your choice, which can be approved or rejected during each login. Note, however, that you should secure any such device with its own passcode or biometric […]

Watch out for HTML attachments

Ever gotten an email that had an attachment ending in .html or .htm? Those file extensions indicate web pages, meaning if you click you’ll be taken to an external site. Any such attachments should be viewed with caution, since you might not know where they lead. Don’t click if possible. If applicable, ask the sender […]

Know how to log out of your Google account on all devices

If you’re worried about someone having access to your Gmail because you forgot to log out of a shared computer or notice some unusual activity, there’s a simple fix. At the very bottom of the Gmail web app, you should see some text about “account activity” alongside a clickable link. Following that link will take […]