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Always pay with the most secure method possible

When shopping online, you’ll often have several choices for payment. There’s virtually always credit card options, but PayPal and Google Pay are also commonly available. These options tend to be more secure than entering credit card information because they don’t require you to share any card numbers with the seller. PayPal is especially notable: They’ll […]

Comparing the security of popular browsers: Which is best at protecting your privacy?

Privacy is a big selling point for many internet users. Many rightfully worry that they’re being identified and tracked online. In the age after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it’s become obvious that many companies want as much of your personal data as they can get their hands on. In response, virtually every browser has extensive […]

If you’re still using older devices, keep a close eye on them

There’s no problem with holding onto a phone, tablet, or computer for a long period of time, but there are two important conditions you should keep in mind. If the device’s support has reached its end-of-life and is connected to the internet, you should seriously consider upgrading to a newer model. This is because devices […]

Beware of gift card scams

Some scammers posing as a legitimate company, government agency, senior manager, family member or other trusted source will ask you to purchase gift cards and send them the code in exchange for something. This could be a new job, tax benefits, lotteries or to help a good cause. However, there are no circumstances in which […]

Consider a paid data cleanup tool

Data cleanup tools can help your computer run smoothly and prevent it from picking up harmful or unnecessary files, such as trackers. They can also clean out your personal data, such as your internet history, to reduce the risk of it falling into the wrong hands. Free tools will generally get the job done, but […]

Beware of tech support scams

Usually, whenever technical help is required, you are the one to reach out to the company, not the other way around. However, this is commonly used in many scams. Somebody may call or email you and ask you to complete some action, such as giving out your Social Security number or account login details. Never […]