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Double up your security with two-factor authentication (2FA)

Remember the scramble to enable 2FA on your gaming account to snag sweet rewards? Well, 2FA is actually a superhero for all your online accounts, not just video games! Here’s why you should seriously consider enabling it wherever possible: Two-Factor Authentication: Your Extra Login Layer Think of 2FA as a security guard for your accounts. […]

Don’t get clickbaited–stay safe with smart link checking

Ever come across a link that seems too good to be true? Clicking suspicious links online can lead you to dangerous websites filled with malware or scams. Here’s how to be a web-savvy surfer and avoid these hidden traps: Why is link caution important? A few seconds spent checking a link can save you a […]

Spot the safe sites–understanding website certificates

Ever notice a little padlock next to a website address? Or maybe a URL that starts with “https” instead of “http”? These are clues that a website takes security seriously and protects your information. Here’s the deal: secure websites use encryption, a fancy way of scrambling your data so only the website can read it. […]

Protecting yourself from man-in-the-middle attacks

Ever used public Wi-Fi? It’s convenient, but it can also be a target for “man-in-the-middle attacks.” Imagine a sneaky eavesdropper lurking between you and the website you’re trying to access. They could steal your information without you even realizing it! Here’s how these attacks work: So, how can you stay safe? By being cautious and […]

Reused passwords–your iPhone can help you spot the risk

We all know the importance of strong, unique passwords. But let’s be honest, remembering them all can be a struggle. Luckily, iPhones with iOS come with a built-in password manager to help you out. This handy tool not only stores your logins but also helps you identify potential security risks. Here’s what to watch out […]

Download with caution: guarding against spyware ️

We’ve all been there. You stumble upon a website offering a free program that seems like a dream come true. Maybe it’s a fancy photo editor with tons of filters, or a spellchecker that promises to write error-free emails. These tempting downloads can sometimes be hiding a nasty surprise: spyware. Spyware is sneaky software that […]