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Password power-up – autofill your way to security

We all know the struggle – you need to log in to your favorite website, but where on earth is that password? Juggling multiple accounts and passwords can be a nightmare. But fear not, there’s a superhero in your corner: your web browser’s autofill feature! Autofill: Your Digital Login Sidekick Strong Passwords Still Matter! While […]

See what you type: unmasking your password (safely)

Ever gotten locked out of your account because you mistyped your password for the hundredth time? We’ve all been there. Those little dots hiding your password as you type can be super secure, but also super frustrating! Here’s the thing: toggling the password visibility setting (that little eye icon you often see) can actually help […]

Malware madness–understanding the threat of worms

Malware: the internet’s creepy crawlies that can wreak havoc on your device. But what exactly is a worm, one type of this malicious software? Here’s the lowdown: Why is Malware a Big Deal? Think of malware as a cybercriminal’s toolbox. Here’s how it can be used to harm you: Protecting Yourself from Malware: Malware is […]

Don’t fall for fake security pop-ups–stay calm and close the tab

Ever browsing and suddenly see a scary pop-up warning about viruses or compromised systems? Be aware, these are likely scams, not real security alerts. Here’s how to stay safe: How to Spot a Fake Security Pop-Up: What to Do if You See a Fake Pop-Up: Real security software won’t bombard you with scare tactics. If […]

Spot a scammer – conquering online auction fraud

Scoring a deal on your dream item at an online auction is exciting, but watch out! Fraudsters lurk in the shadows, so here’s how to be a web-savvy bidder and avoid getting scammed: But wait, there’s more! Here are some red flags to watch out for: Why is caution on auction sites important? A little […]

Ransomware strikes–back up regularly and fight back

Ransomware is like a digital kidnapper, holding your files hostage until you pay a ransom. The worst part? Paying doesn’t guarantee getting your data back! Here’s how regular backups can be your weapon against ransomware: How Often Should You Back Up? The frequency depends on how important your data is and how often it changes. […]