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When changing your passwords, make sure they’re significantly different from your old ones

It’s a good habit to change your passwords occasionally to keep them from being cracked. However, if your new password is similar to your old one, it will be easier to guess than if you use something completely different. Don’t just change a few numbers or letters or add one or two symbols if the […]

Consider making your Wi-Fi network private for extra security

By default, your router will automatically make your Wi-Fi network visible. However, you have the option of hiding your network completely if you don’t want unauthorized persons to know it’s there. This would require someone to enter the network’s name to connect to it.

Disable voice control on smart TVs if they are not being used

Many smart TVs are capable of being controlled by voice commands, allowing you to easily switch channels or open apps. This convenience, however, comes with a trade-off; your TV might be listening to your conversations and sending this audio data to a server over an unsecured connection. Unless you absolutely need this feature, it is […]

Check your phone for unwanted apps

Sometimes, software can be installed on your phone or computer without your knowledge. It’s a good habit to occasionally check the list of apps installed on your devices and make sure you recognize everything on there. If you see something that looks unfamiliar or you no longer use, uninstall it. Be sure to check the […]

If you want to pay with debit online, use a third-party payment service

If you get scammed by a bad seller with your credit card information, you have ways of getting your money back. Most credit card companies have built-in protections from fraud or unauthorized transactions. However, this isn’t the case with debit cards: Losing money from a debit card purchase is far less likely to be retrieved. […]

Disconnect home cameras when they’re not being used

A skilled cybercriminal is capable of remotely turning on cameras to spy on you. If you’re not using a camera, whether it’s part of an in-home security system or webcam, it’s best to disconnect it entirely.This is particularly important if you have an in-home security system. Make sure to turn off the power to the […]