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Be cautious when installing browser extensions

Opt for well-known and reputable browser extension stores — such as Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons — to reduce the risk of downloading counterfeit or malicious software. Furthermore, avoid granting unnecessary permissions to extensions, as these permissions may compromise the integrity of your information. Regularly review your installed extensions — ideally on a weekly […]

Chrome’s phishing extensions help guard against scams

Phishing is a type of online scam designed to get you to reveal personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords. Chrome’s PhishDetector detects phishing attacks on online banking websites. Similarly, PhishTector identifies phishing emails in Gmail.

Have a backup browser (or two) in addition to your primary browser

Whether you use Edge, Firefox, Chrome or something else, it’s highly likely you’ll run into a website that just won’t load properly on your main browser. Keep one or two other browsers handy in case this happens and try the same site on those. In addition, you should also try a different device or an […]

Check your web browser software is up to date

Install software updates so that attackers cannot take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Many browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer automatic updates. If this option is available, you should permit it. Your web browser is your principal connection to the Internet, and multiple applications may rely on your browser, or parts […]

Use Google Password Manager to identify compromised passwords

If you allow Google Chrome to save your passwords, you can find a full list of them by going to while signed into your account. At the top of this page is an option to “Go to Password Checkup.” This does a comprehensive scan of all your saved passwords and flags any that are […]

Be picky with Chrome extensions

From ad blockers to video screenshotters, Chrome extensions make browsing the web even more convenient than it already is. However, beware Chrome extensions that aren’t very well known. Some of them track your browsing history and can poach your data using spyware. Be sure to check recent reviews before installing.