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Check your web browser software is up to date

Install software updates so that attackers cannot take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Many browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer automatic updates. If this option is available, you should permit it. Your web browser is your principal connection to the Internet, and multiple applications may rely on your browser, or parts […]

Try Tor bridges if you struggle to connect

A Tor browser prevents someone from monitoring your browsing habits. It’s the best way to stay invisible online without leaving a data trail. However, if you’re using a Tor browser for the first time, it might struggle to connect. There’s an immediate option to try on the loading screen: Click Configure Connection. Try a Bridge […]

Take notice of browser and search engine warnings

Occasionally when you visit certain sites, you’ll see a warning from your web browser that the site isn’t safe or that its security certificate has expired. Google may include a text warning on risky search results, too. These notices should be heeded. Take care to Stay away from potentially compromised sites to keep your data […]

Adjust your cookie allowances

Cookies track your browsing behavior for a better user experience, which usually means more targeted ads and content. But that information remains with the website; it’s wise to limit your cookie trail. If you’re using Google Chrome, head into Settings > Content > Cookies to toggle your settings. You might want to deny all third-party […]

Decline cookies

Most websites now present a pop-up or banner about cookie preferences and allowances when you land on them. These can sometimes prevent you accessing the site until you complete the permissions section. Many use strategic methods of button highlighting and placement to lure you into accepting all cookies before you realize what you’re agreeing to. […]

Use browser extensions to secure a safe connection

A great way to stay safe while you browse the internet is to reinforce your web browser with a security add-on. Browser extensions like HTTPS Everywhere allow you to create a secure connection with websites where they may not otherwise be one. In essence, the add-on scans to see if the unprotected site offers a […]