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Avoid mobile redirects with privacy-focused browsers and network-level tools

Mobile redirects can be annoying and intrusive. They can also be dangerous, as they can lead you to malicious websites that can infect your device with malware or steal your personal information. One way to avoid mobile redirects is to use a privacy-focused browser. These browsers are designed to protect your privacy and security online. […]

Browsers let you send tabs to specific devices

A fair amount of people browsing the internet on one device will come across a site that they want to access on another piece of technology and manually send the URL between the devices. Fortunately, there’s a shortcut that effectively removes this middleman. In Chrome, computer users can simply right-click the URL in the browser […]

Ad blockers can sometimes cause web pages to malfunction

Many sites tell you when ad blockers are preventing them from functioning properly, but not all do. If, for example, you click a link and nothing happens or the page doesn’t load correctly, try temporarily disabling your ad blocker and reloading the page. If the issue persists even after disabling the ad blocker, consider checking […]

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge collect your browsing data, but Mozilla Firefox doesn’t

If you’re concerned about privacy, of all the major browsers, Mozilla Firefox collects the least amount of personal data. The only information it collects from you is basic, anonymous usage data tied to a random identifier — not a name or email address, as every other major browser does. This makes Mozilla Firefox a remarkably […]

Examine the permissions requested by browser extensions.

These extensions offer a plethora of indispensable features, ranging from swift page-saving methods to diverse filters that eliminate intrusive content. However, it’s crucial to understand the extent of information they can access. Some extensions even possess the capability to read and modify data on every page you visit. Always ensure the extension is trustworthy before […]

Consider a second monitor to boost your productivity

Have you ever found yourself constantly jumping between browser tabs because you need to look at two things at the same time? Maybe you’re writing an email or document and need to refer to another tab for reference. Rather than jumping back and forth between tabs, a second monitor enables you to view two screens […]